Christopher Hitchens – In Depth

Christopher Hitchens – In Depth CSPAN 2007

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  • Steve Miller Photography (Steve)

    Celebrity Videos get millions of views and a video like this gets not even a quarter of a million. SAD!!!

  • Bunker Bunt

    Hitch takes an unconvincing jab at Chris Hedges' criticism of Hitchens' support for the Iraq war – eloquent Hitch, not having a bar of that song, but no cigar. Can't win em all.

  • caskinfg

    I thought at 2:02:00 that caller sounds a bit like William Buckley and then he goes on to ask about him. Funny.

  • Adam Smith

    Damn that guy at 29:50 got absolutely denied. I wish they addressed that instead of moving on lol

  • Energy Fa


  • Energy Fa

    Bhaaaaaa moooooo bhaaaaa follow sheep follow

  • pigslave3

    Did he ever say what joke Martin Amis made @ 17:40 ?

  • Asuhh Dude How

    am I on the air? "Not anymore, hangs up"
    LOL that interviewer is a savage

  • Daphné Bellfield

    Thank you for this!!

  • dasfabelwesen

    Just to make that clear: You don´t have to pay church tax in Germany. You can just choose to do so to an approved religous or worldview society. You can also keep the money.

  • Turrican

    The world is a much poorer place without you Hitch x