Christopher Hitchens at the “Festival of Dangerous Ideas” FODI

Christopher Hitchens Starts at 4:00 the ‘Festival of Dangerous Ideas’ at the Sydney Opera House in October 2009.

The topic was ‘Religion Poisons Everything’.

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  • Roach Damascus

    Most poisons are not harmful below certain doses, and the difference between a poison and a recreational or pharmaceutical drug is also dose.

    Enjoy your opiates, but enjoy in moderation, and don't try and press them on your nieghbour.

  • ashley kramer

    My theory on how religion and God began…. Long ago mankind had evolved to the stage that allowed him to invent language, and writing. Now finally there became a means by which people could communicate their ideas.
    The best thinkers would gather together to discuss the problems, these groups would only include the stronger sex, being men. The biggest problem was that it was almost impossible to become wealthy, without being murdered and the guilty party taking everything you had for himself. You would lose your livestock, your crops, your family, and your life.
    The thinkers came up with a plan. They would introduce rules that everyone had to obey, forbidden would be murder, theft and rape. They would have to employ people to enforce the rules, and administer the punishments, these costs would be paid for by the wealthy, as they had the most to gain out of the plan.
    The biggest problem was that people did not live very long, hence many did not fear death, and would happily risk death, even to experience a short period of wealth and prosperity. So the thinkers developed a story, whereby people would be told that there was a God who was watching, and would judge them after they died. They would play the roles of witnessing the exploits of Jesus, and write it all down in a book.
    People really would be frightened at the thought they would be tortured for eternity. As the story spread so behaviour improved, most of the people in those days were highly ignorant, and fell under the spell. What helped the story grow, was that humans were born with a conscience, so now it finally made sense why they had felt guilty when they had done bad things.
    It was made compulsary to spread the story, with strong punishments administered to those who challenged it. For the peasants who would only live a short life on earth anyway, it was an appealing idea that if they behaved they could expect a better deal in their next life. After a few generations it was completely accepted by almost the entire world.
    As the populations exploded some societies would adopt the same general idea with some variations. That was how new religions grew.
    So when you are a poor person walking passed a wealthy man's home, whether you believe in God or not, you may for a moment lament the fact that you cannot walk in and take it all away from him.
    Religion and God was nothing more than an invention by wealthy people who were clever enough to come up with a plan, whereby they could keep the wealth for themselves and away from the poor.

  • Martin Jamer

    Jesus, I like this man. What a concise argumetation!

  • tiffany atkinson

    he is an evil clever nazi.

  • Steve Perkins

    Why do the religious fucktards always defend religion by pointing out that it has done some good? That somehow an argument against religion would be overturned just because it has also some good points among the poison ones? WTF kind of argument is that????? Especially, when the good things that come from it can equally come from atheists without any of the religious fairy tales and lies.

  • Shane Hamilton

    id advise all of you to go read or listen to his hatred towards the clintons,hes 1000% correct!

  • Living Legend

    That's what I call a high-end discussion!

  • Myanameis Beestingz

    Apparently it was the book of Mormon that Hitch said was 'chloroform in print', not the work of Mary Baker Eddy.

  • Govinda GovindaJi

    I often wish Christopher Hitchens' mind could be downloaded right into my own. The irony is that someday AI will make that possible (perhaps short of emotion's which is the realm of chemistry) but unfortunately, this soul will be long gone. For me now, he is the greatest form of intellectual stimulation which I find extremely entertaining and satisfying.

  • Fredrik Winberg

    The Great Hitch quoting the Philosopher's Drinking Song in it's entirety – now I admire him even more !