Christopher Hitchens and Martin Amis – Mick Jagger, squids and anti-semitism [2010]

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  • RightHonourable Zeus

    Why would you have an interview about racism to Jews with a Jew? Martin Amis makes some good points but largely is keeps quite because of Hitchens (part jew) who insists Jews are hated around the world without exception because they are superior. Correct me if I'm wrong but that's the logic of a schizophrenic…

  • Destiny108☆

    "Considering he did not think God exists it is rather surprising to hear him say that the Jews killed Jesus Christ…" HAHAHAHA the first comment on this section and the most spot on one. Atheism debunked in two seconds : )

  • errol kim

    These guys and their Jewellery fascination and Jewellery Worship fuck me off.

  • Theophilus Parabombastus

    Doin' the Salome two-step… yes I wanna dance for you!

  • Hitch Slap (Hitchslap)

    The Hitch from 1:291:45 manages to succinctly diagnose 2000 or so years worth of sustained mental disorder. Little Keith's reference to the dissociative pentagram was tasty as well :)

  • Mic JHintl

    As a Bi polar/manic depression sufferer I must protest (with tongue firmly in cheek) that I have never had any issues with jews & a lot of my favorite people are jews including my comrade Mr Hitchens.I have also embraced atheism which has seem to help my mental health in some form.The only regret I have about atheism is that I didnt acknowledge it sooner that i might have had the pleasure of meeting this great orator & even debated him on the uncertainties of manic depression.

  • Nordic Pride

    It's hard for even the most die hard of anti-semites, not to admit that the Jews are amazing!

  • andrew sapia

    it's also because it is in the holy texts of over a billion people that the Jews are evil and in their eschatology the end cannot come until the Jews are hunted down and killed. This is the main reason why it is nearly impossible to root out.

  • James S

    It's so sad to see his room dismantled of all its contents, no longer in use for his need or appreciation. R.I.P Hitch

  • erepsekahs

    Not again. It's not kosher.

  • Kate B

    he was a jew…he found out later in his life that his mother was a polish-prussian jew. She never told him or his father due to fear of anti-semitism in british society. 

  • annaoflasvegas

    Jews rock!  Good logical, scientific, sensible people.  And Judaism is the coolest Theistic Religion.  They do not roam the earth on Jewish crusades trying to convert people.

  • Jack Wright

    He was wrong about it never being a problem in the States, because Jews were systematically discriminated against by being barred from "restricted" clubs, neighborhoods and restaurants. This only started to change in the 1960s along with similar progress for blacks and homosexuals, a job which is far from finished but is headed in the right direction.

  • jeffrey Darius

    Was that his daughter who walked past?

  • Andrew Westhoff

    This rings incredibly true. I good friend of mine who isn't a good friend of mine anymore is a major depressive, is suicidal, as well as, I suspect, schizophrenic. He's also a big anti semite and white supremacist. 

  • UnkleJustin

    Thank you for Googling and Freetiming as much as you have. Your channel and one or two more are not only digging up good stuff, but not many overlaps between you all. This is Heaven!!! Nyuck Nyuck Nyuck Nyuck Nyuck Nyuck 

  • TheMagmagoblin

    The point they're making is that it's one thing to be racist against a group you think are stupid and evil. It's another thing to be racist against a group you think are smart and evil. 

  • SmackontheWeb

    You bet it's surprising because he didn't say that.

  • John K Lindgren