Chris Wallace GRILLS Robby Mook On Wikileaks Emails On Fox News Sunday FULL Interview 10/23/16

Hillary Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook objected today to everyone focusing so much on “stolen” emails. But Chris Wallace noticed some hypocrisy there… “The Trump tax returns,” Wallace said, “were stolen as well when they were mailed to The New York Times. You guys didn’t object to that. In fact, you jumped all over it.” Mook immediately said they don’t know where those returns came from. Wallace insisted they were “clearly stolen” and said if it’s fair to look at the “fruits of that theft,” then it’s only fair to do the same with the Wikileaks Podesta emails. Mook insisted that “this is the conversation the Russians want us to be having” while saying that they really can’t verify what’s shown in the emails. Wallace somewhat wryly observed, “I promise you, if these were not true, you’d tell us.”Chris Wallace GRILLS Robby Mook On Wikileaks Email On Fox News Sunday FULL Interview 10/23/16

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  • Amaya and daddy O

    Mook = bozo

  • Ar Lena Richardson

    Mook is talking out of the side of his mouth. Very telling behavior. He has no morals.

  • Fang Yi

    Anybody notices that this Robby guy keeps shaking his head subconsciously when he's lying? But when he is telling the truth, his head is nodding, like this will be the largest turnout election… His body is betraying himself.

  • lil Q

    Why is it that these guys sound so weird and fake opposed to Trumps campaign …. Who cares if they are stolen the data is there is true !!!!

  • TheMikengd

    12 million reasons but no answers. Take the money she took the money mooky crooks!

  • Anil Nair

    i fucking hate that shit eating grin he has on the whole time. Someone dock him already

  • nalejbank

    We should trust the "intelligence experts"????
    What are the names of those "experts"?
    Are they Obama appointees?
    Didn't a recent close friend of Assange see evidence that proved to him it didn't come from the Russians?

  • djguapo

    He did well. Not a natural speaker like Biden, but he didn't crack under pressure. Gotta give it to Chris Wallace for staying focused on the question as well.

  • Cris Jordan

    Wow! this guy is talking out of his ass.

  • A Stuijt

    Amazing how 'the Russians' are blamed meanwhile PODESTA is OWNED by the Russian.s..

  • A Stuijt

    Poor little Robby Mook – have some advice for him – get off the Hillary Clinton bandwagon before you become the fallguy and have to apply for political asylum in Russia. or end up on the US Journalists list of shame – 64 are already listed and boy won't that look great on their CV's when they look for new jobs.

  • gobbler 1234


  • mariocrivera1000

    Fuck you Robby Mook, and tell your boss: fuck her too.

  • jacshaz

    The Truth will win. Karma is a comin for HiLIAR and and her band of puppets!!

  • Anthony Sullivan

    What's chilling is we have to depend on other governments to find out the truth about all the scandals in USA…