Changing Contours of Global Order, Professor Noam Chomsky

Changing Contours of Global Order, Professor Noam Chomsky

Professor Noam Chomsky presented a lecture ‘Changing Contours of Global Order’ a look at our drastically changing world, and the implications for domestic and world order on 4 November 2011.

This was a free public lecture and was Professor Chomsky’s only public appearance in Melbourne, Australia.

Professor Chomsky was an invited guest of Deakin University’s School of Humanities and Social Sciences.
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  • magnoti1

    This was a great lecture, very thorough, engaging for those that wanted to listen. Still, there were a number of dilettante activists shitting on, inside and outside, peacocking for the Melbourne branch of occupy and the socialistas present (e.g. the woman who interrupted Mr Chomsky by shouting out something distinctly irrelevant about China/Tibet). The conceited attitude of some of the crowd was almost palpable, which was a shame since Chomsky does exude an aura of the calm and discerning.

  • MrSmileylife

    load of shit

  • fastballonly

    Thank you for that information. I will skip this Aussie patois and start listening of Dr. Chomsky. Just kidding. Intended offense to the Aussies. 

  • MrDoubtfulguest

    Noam Chomsky… comedy GOLD!

  • Slave2PaperWithInkOn

    Can't catch it myself – But checkout the vid "Why Do Banks Make So Much Money?" by PositiveMoney (and it's follow ups on their site/channel) and the 1min28sec version of "George Carlin On Our Similarities" to see where WE need to start! Peace

  • SpicyHam

    Hmm. Yes. I've viewed much of Chomsky's videos, but, as for the laying out of the structures or components of the new society, I been working much on it, but need further time. THis is much more difficult than it sounds. The biggest problem is the administration buildings. They need to be much more open. Having more conferences is not really openess, but having greater constant connection with the people in public is the better path here.

  • William Lewis

    annoying women in the corner. They should add subtitles for the video

  • Dimitri Rytsk

    '..lethal process will continue as long as victims will suffer in silence..'
    – and those who suffer their mania openly will become Chomsky, Assanges etc ..

  • TheStoryUp

    Wow Noam 83years old today, Happy Birthday Noam!!

  • Mojar Rhuthmos

    Dayum I wish I could have gone to this!!!! Noam doesn't come to Oz that often.