C4 Right to Reply – Christopher Hitchens vs Mother Theresa

C4 Right to Reply - Christopher Hitchens vs Mother Theresa

Sparks fly as Christopher Hitchens fronts up in a studio debate with critics of his opinion piece deriding Mother Theresa’s charitable activities broadcast the previous week. From November 1994.

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  • Urchar seven-ten

    who cares now you have your so called saint, which i dont know what the real meaning of that word would or should be.-

  • Steven Williams

    That two faced Mary Loudon was on that documentary saying how bad the conditions were in these " hospital's", all of a sudden she is pleading innocence, blaming Hitchens, she said those things from her own thoughts, she is a coward who hasnt got the courage of her convictions

  • Judith Irene Matta

    Mother Teresa is now exposed by several books authored by her former members of her religious community who speak to the problems of her acceptance of lesbian members who were predatory against the other sisters. M. Teresa has been openly seen giving cash to the Pope (JP II) which, I do not doubt, was the major role she played for the Vatican. As a former novice under the Jesuits, I do not doubt the secular role of money covering the "wolf" in she eps disguise. Under the religious habit, there lived an Albanian woman who was corrupted by the papacy and punitive to the poor. Look at the sign above her refuges in India: ":obey, suffer, work" -unloving and uncaring to those already suffering. Also the refusal of pain medicine – confirmed by those in her congregation. The poor were her key to getting the secular world's attention and help… See how the Papacy became a non-Christian "warrior church" in 10th century as the Frankish rulers of Europe took over by force of arms, the bishopric of Old Rome, placing their paganized appointees there. These secularized humanists still now and reign with a mix of secular and religious power. Their Pope claims to be "Vicar" of a Christ removed from rule on the earth (in their arrogant fantasy). For historical documentation on Frankish institution, see www.romanity.org history of the Franks ("Contents") and our videos under my name on youtube

  • Idiot atheist

    The best thing the excrement hitch did was die.

  • blue kav6

    mother teresa.1 self centered bastard that more than her 15 mins of fame

  • Liam Cooper

    "Showing footage of dying babies in Africa as if the Catholic church was to blame" Well the kind of are, they say condoms are worse than AIDS, so.

  • Fik Desta

    A close look How Christopher Itches humanity can be judged wrongly by Ignorant fanatics of Madre Hell Teresa ?

  • Peter Richardson

    Very interesting to see Christopher as a much less-polished and prepared version of what was later to come. In later life, he would have knocked those questions out of the park without effort. Thanks for uploading.

  • mark wessex

    THese catholic SHITES have been responsible for colonisation and GENOCIDE in many parts of the world, under the guise of religion. THey have destroyed old civilisations in South America, Asia, Africa, etc.. and colonised the minds, taken over other people's lands and facilitated western colonisation through this stupid fear of god. May these bastards burn in their own CATHOLIC HELL!

  • MrGBS1972

    Trust and respect the Catholic Church?! Good luck with that.

  • Wolfgang Icarus

    Notice how when Mr. Hitchens talked all the opposing members all jumped in to cut him off or blatantly putting words in his mouth at 21:18 . These people are pseudo-intellectuals who would rather reject facts to not offend the audience. What a bunch of cowards.

  • Jamie McG

    Hitch's quickfire reply on Mother Theresa swanning around the world – " You would need to be pretty nippy to find her washing the feet of any of the poor in India "

    He's sorely missed in today's mayhem

  • Brian Quinn

    i sure  hope  hitch made it to heaven ……..

  • Maria M

    I cannot watch this. Hitchens might be smartest man on this planet but that doesn't make him a decent human being. Hitler was not stupid either. Sorry but if some one can spill so much hate and lies towards Mather Teresa, who dedicated her whole life to poor and underprivileged , sorry Mr. Hitchens you have no place among decent human beings in my opinion.

  • Steven Williams

    And then they compound their errors by trying to cross brains with him,,,,, best of luck with that,,,, I haven't seen one debate Hitchens has lost,,,,,, ask frank Turek and William Lee Craig, he destroyed these polyester clad bible "experts"