Black Lives Splatter – FKN Newz 092416

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  • Morgan Bennett

    The best thing on the internet just keeps getting better! I love the capitalist pig! and great monolog! as ever.

  • Nick Yaya NDeath17

    Thanks again bud… Please help here you humanoids xxx

  • Josey Wales

    Whats happened to the conspiracy clown?

  • jack roberts

    Donald Trump is totally owned by Judea

  • StealthyMonk

    Brilliant as usual. 🙂

  • TheHypnotstCollector

    This world is depraved. examples:: A TYT video is getting 30,000 views and DJ is getting 600. All those transsexual homosexual bisexual hermaphrodite crossing dressing male lesbian channels on YouTube have 1 million subs and 500K per video views. Some say youtube controls this by simply creating subs and view counts for scum like TYT. Regardless, it's clear DJ isn't being seen by enough people.

  • Aldo Sfalcin

    The suicidal lizards running the planet are in their own corrupt twisted world. Too bad they will take us down with them unless a benevolent Hitler type dictator can make a societal u-turn. Jill Stein will need balls and a "Green Shirt" army to topple the power addicted freaks. We'll have to see if she and her serious fans can at least destroy a TV studio tomorrow. Deek, your video is "right on the mark" with so many truths that it should be seen and quoted everywhere. Unfortunatelly the sheeple are sleeping soundly with their eyes open and the abused leaderless poor are too isolated, frightened or timid to risk it all.

  • John Yin

    You might like this guy Deek:
    Such passion & fire against the fur-pimps in the fashion industry.
    Quite an articulate guy.

  • RichChasingSummer

    Thanks Deek. Great job!! Ha…ha…. ha…ha… joining you….

  • scratch

    Deek, it's safe to say that no one delivers the gnus quite like you do.

  • scratch

    Of course i', preoccupied with MYSELF because i'm… a special snowflake…

    So special in my specialness, so flaky in my flakiness.

    Yep. I'm a real flake.

  • soundmethod

    I just shit on myself. I am going to fucking sue you!!

  • BeatingTracksOutOfBabylon

    Yahweh bless you Deek, I haven't laughed that hard for a decade. Goddamn the FKNewz is hilarious. Landless peasant party forever!

  • sky-zoo-phone

    Blind lifes matters?

  • trainluvr

    Great vid, the next one needs more tits and ass!

  • the51project

    The Aliens are nearly here. The Borg have been spotted near Uranus.

  • Aardwolf X

    The FKN Newz should be shown 24/7 on loop for the children's education :)

  • MaKaElectric

    LMAO! That was awesome! Have a good weekend Deek!