Bill Hicks vs. Hecklers

Chicago Show

‘I’m Sorry Folks’

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  • juan altredo

    love the guy, bitter as hell, but those are the funniest people in the world, though always from a distance

  • Junior Hacksaw

    Most comedians give big fat clues about what you're supposed to think. Not Bill. He hopes against hope that you might actually think for yourself and if you're clearly incapable of that then brace yourself.

  • The585Maggot

    the guy was way too good for his time. way too smart.

  • pfalky2k

    they always kill the ones who try to show them the way

  • vambo13257

    a little too much Sam Kinison.

  • The Esoteric Cunt

    That waste of brain matter bitch is probably still alive, while Bill, an enlightened mind, died 20 years ago. That's the way this world is.

  • kswannie

    Whenever I see old VHS, it takes me back to my Appalacian youth, and that means…underage sex, trucks and porn.

  • kswannie

    That was funny, then heavy, then…VHS wobbly.

  • Wesley Holcomb

    im dead as fuck

  • Stu Pididiot

    Holy shit I laughed so hard I had tears! Guy is hilarious~!

  • jonny plat

    he should of said of said, "you blow" in reply to the guys "you