Bill Hicks: This Is Why Your Kids Do Drugs

His last show on Igby’s.

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  • MegsHead

    "True Evolution is to evolve Ideas" that's why he moved on to a new career.. How did he know tats would be a trend? This was the early '90's I call fraud.

  • MegsHead

    This is guy is a fake!

  • blblblblb blblbblblbl

    i've never really tried drugs other than alcohol.. and to be honest i wish i hadn't even done alcohol, even though i drink it as often as most of you over 25 i am sure… i think all drugs should be legalised though, so that what people smoke, drink or inject is at least what is expected… and not gonna kill you because it has bleach or paintstripper or something in it so some scumbags can make more money…I like the idea of legalising it too so people can experiment with it… to see if it does help them… imagine how much the government could save on health care if people self medicated with medication that works.. there are lots of reasons drugs should be legalised

  • Paul Busby

    God, he was awesome.

  • Scintillα

    This hero was murdered for speaking too much truth and wanting to wake people up.

  • Snide Pete

    Waitaminit, Bill. Pot kills………bullshit!

  • Oliver Brown

    how did he die?

  • JJ Oomph

    Pot sure helped the baby boomers, they did tons of dope in the sixties and they own everything and everyone now.

  • Collin Hennessy

    I've gotten in fights while stoned, been the one who started them too, for reasons of principle, not because I lost my temper though. The last one was in church in La Mesa CA, which is a suburb of San Diego, and this girl with a fresh set of stitches that her boyfriend had recently given her was there, when all of the sudden her boyfriend came in with this one ultra Christian dude, who really meant well, but had no common sense following him, begging him to talk. The boyfriend grabbed the girl by the arm and started dragging her out, while she was crying, asking him to stop, and about 20 guys who I think are closet homos were standing there pretending this wasn't happening. So I get up and tell him to stop, and he gets up in my face sayin Blood this and blood that, and what you gonna do about it, so I punched him. That got everyone's attention, and people started to grab me, and I didn't know who was who, and I pushed a bunch of people away, and saw a shape comin at me and instinctively swung, and ended up breaking my friend's nose, then someone grabbed me from behind and pushed me outside while I was explaining that I wasn't trying to fight with him, and told him what happened. So he let me go, while woman beater was struggling with a bunch of other people, and I remembered the pepper spray I had in my backpack because I was homeless at the time, and that was a better option that a knife, legally speaking, if my life was ever in danger, So he broke away, I sprayed him, someone called the cops, he went to jail, I left, and churchy pussies continued being hypocrites. I'm more of an Old Testament guy anyways Fuck Christianity.


    Bill has some very valid points here, Marijuana should be legal, As far Mary Jane goes, But I have seen some pretty Fucked up Shit with People who Smoke Weed and then decide it's time to go Drinking,  Then Snort an 8-BALL with their Friends, Come Home at Bar close and repeat the Rodeo. Trust me, I was there. These people I speak of were none other Than……………..Yep, My Own Fucking Parents. The idiotic Circus of Retarded Clowns!  "Smack Dab"…  Right in the middle of the Living Room.  Giggling  and Carrying on like 5 year olds.  My Siblings and Myself were just wondering….Hhhmmmm?  "What do you think their gonna do tonight?" It truly was something to behold. Aaaahhh….. The good 'ole daze.

  • AFractionOfInfinity

    Bill became more of a preacher towards the end of his career. He raised the bar for stand up.

  • extraterrestrial16

    yep.. an alcohol fueled society with practically no knowledge about pot, and yet when a few idiots that arent mentally stable go and have some, freakout and kill someone.. and then this is put out over the news that ohh pot must be bad because look what happened to these guys.. and its like well seriously you didnt already take note of the many many MANY cases of alcohol induced violence and rage you fucking dumbasses..