Bill Hicks: The Irony of Patriotism

Bill Hicks: The Irony of Patriotism

From the show ‘The Lost Hour’.

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  • ross

    everyone i know who has taken mushrooms says the same super spiritual stuff – and they all still live the exact same trashy lifestyle that the rest of us do. they don't act on all this rubbish that they talk

  • ThunderAppeal

    The irony is that chomsky is a CIA opertive

  • lesbiansaregoodandch

    Bill was more of a hilarious philosopher than a comedian. We need more people like him in this douche nuggety world.


    Miss this man and his rapier wit. Interestingly, his father's ideals that he describes here evoke the trickled down version of the Doctrine of Discovery. Pretty much puts into perspective all the societal ills that Bill so eloquently tore into in his later years.

  • toolshed00

    Bill Hicks a F**king Hero!!!!

  • aku ankka

    If you actually listen what Noam Chomsky says, he's astonishingly full of shit.

  • Sheridan Kirkens

    lost me when he started talking about mushrooms. I feel like if you need an outside source to open your mind then its not actually open in the first place.

  • randalloid iams

    The people laugh at deep statements as if they're meant to be a punchline.

  • Bill Hill

    Remember to let your kids see bill's material or it's over for them all.

  • andrew rivers

    irony of patriotism is that the state is based on slavery via jurisdiction. so whether your a patriot for america or brazil. everyone is under its slave systems. money is the rule of government. money – mon eye. currency – current see, maritime laws courts and charges debts bonds loans usury property and posssesiveness. the energy of our time because time is money and attention. facisnation , facist nation with counterfeited bank notes.

  • Trave Kengsin

    Humanity can never be truly prepared for Bill Hicks.




  • Toch Ela

    TV today is like taking black paint to your eyes… HahhahhAA BILL

  • Smelvo Tuarnton

    That was awesome, never heard it before (though I am a big fan of Bill Hicks). Kind of want to use it to convince my dad to take mushrooms now!

  • Nick Hughes

    An incredible voice for truth, justice and humour.

  • michael eckert

    Bill was the f**** man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Áron Ó Maoil Eoin

    That was like a TED talk

  • maverickM249


  • Mad Penguin

    Legend. His fame will never die. We will keep this legend alive! Still relevant today. People will be watching and listening to Bill Hicks when tshtf and they need waking up. RIP