Bill Hicks – Non-Smokers

In Relentless, Bill Hicks’ classic special from 1991, he tells us how he feels about non-smokers, blowjobs, religion, war, peace, drugs, and music.

The full show is part of The Complete Collection:

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  • WilliamZeebub


  • Ryan P

    Leading contributor to developing pancreatic cancer, especially at a young age DRUM ROLL NOISE…..smoking cigarettes.

    Honestly I think he is funny in regards to most the subjects that he discusses in his stand up. But, generalizing all non-smokers as being self-righteous pricks against smokers is BS. I don't smoke, I do drink, often heavily. I know it's unhealthy, but I enjoy it, so clearly I am far from one to judge. I do, however, not like the idea that someone is a whiner because they dont' feel like being stuck somewhere and forced to break in someone's nasty cigarette smoke. Oh, but pardon me, I am a prude because I'd prefer not to be stuck somewhere breathing in your disgusting smelling (in my opinion) cig smoke. The health issues don't bother me that much, unless someone is sparking up a cig in an elevator I'm on that's going up 30 flights or sitting net to me or some other situation where I'm being fish bowled with big smoke. I mean, would it be fine if I, as a drinker, went around and used an eye dropper to pour scant amounts of beer into people's water and then told them to suck it up its just a little beer.

    And the more I listen to his bits on smoking, it makes me feel he just came to the a realization… 'Wait a second, like 50% of Americans are smoking these days, so if I just make fun of people who don't smoke(b/c people love bashing people who don't conform to their beliefs about society), I'll have all these people who love me and think they can really relate to me.'

  • shonenshojo

    Non-smoker here. I FUCKING LOVE THIS GUY.

  • walter white

    I am smoker most my family are but my uncle never smoke he hate  it but he died of lung cancer

  • T Philip

    Guy makes a lot of great points but mocking people who don't want to inhale poison on a daily basis makes no sense especially since he died at 32 lol. Maybe he should have kept his mouth shut in that regard.

  • Armands Viļums

    I don't choose not to smoke, because I think that not smoking will let me live longer, or not even because smoking is unhealthy (and I don't care even is it's actually healthy).
    I don't smoke, cause I just think that it's useless, I smoke one cig about once every 3 years, and always find it's just these thin abrasive boring smoke. I just don't enjoy it. But I do image that people who smoke regularly just do it out of habit more than anything else. Just like I drink green tea almost every day, and it's actually enjoyable, not like smoking (for me of course)

  • The Sasha Grey Experience

    The gunshot sound he makes is so Hollywood

  • Atrijit Das

    soooo.. the only reason to non smokers don't smoke is because they don't want to die? meh

  • Chetti Bs-k

    People die every day, why not to comite suicide right now?

    Sounds smart…..