Bill Hicks In Edinburgh

Bill Hicks on Edinburgh Live (I think). I thought I’d put this up, as it’s much better quality than the one previously available.
Hicks fans beware, the comments are loaded with idiots who half-wittedly think that Bill faked his death, to become right-wing, fear-mongering, exploiter of the mentally ill, Alex Jones.
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  • Marc Skeldon

    there's a strong clue that this might be Edinburgh!!

  • michael riggans

    I have not heard of Bill Hicks until today. As far as him being Alex Jones I did some research and I'm sure it's not him.

  • Dirt Merchant

    the whole Alex Jones thing is funny and all but the real story here is, Did Hicks steal the door is ajar joke from Robin Williams or is it the other way around? For reference look at Robin Williams live at the Met.

  • Red Whovian

    Who the fuck is Alex Jones?

  • Mick Kennedy

    Introduced by a 12 year old Jack Dee.

  • Ozzie Anxiety

    Don't do drugs! Well I'm definitely not doing them with you! geez!

  • Fewhfeuiwhfweuibf Febwuifbweuifbgweuifgbweui

    Smoking killed the bastard.

  • JoeCnNd

    Oh I thought this was Alex Jones.

  • Michael Smith

    in America you have to get past the censors on TV/radio to reach the mass audience–Bill could not and would not censor himself to make it big, he won in the end, but he didn't live to see the final victory–he was true to himself and was fearless on stage–you can't top that–so sorry he is gone

  • Chris Akins

    Bill Hicks is Alex Jones

  • Jason Wells

    Bill Hicks is Geoffrey Rush!!

  • Steve Bradley

    So frickin hilarious!

  • Paul Hardman

    i saw bill hicks live in Manchester England in the mid 80s he was just incredible his comedy routines were so funny and yet thought provoking we lost the brightest star when he sadly passed away thankyou Bill you were my comedy hero ❤