Bill Hicks – Drugs/Music/The Devil

Punch Line, San Francisco 1991.

The full unreleased show is part of The Complete Collection:

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  • Peter Parker

    Lucifer really is real

  • Doug Ransley


  • Scott Duyser

    he was a funny funny man. lost him to soon

  • retro1980

    havent seen that gem before…cheers!

  • WilliamZeebub

    guess what…?

  • mfgunit

    Who are these inconsiderate faggots who are talking in the background??? FUCK!

  • calvin folan

    I know Bill wasn't murdered but it's always people like him, that don't give a fuck, that look at society and say "This is bullshit, and here's why" that end up leaving us way before their time, although he would've attacked the celebrity culture of the 80s (Tiffany & WHAM, spring to mind) what he says is true even today when it comes to The Kardashian's and Justin Bieber, these people are "suckers of Satan's cock" "Demons sent upon the Earth to lower the standards of humanity"

  • Von Huxley

    Bill Hicks talking, audience goes blah blah blah blah. At least they're laughing.

  • Joker Quinn

    Bill Hicks is Alex Jones

  • Topkats Pride

    Totally on fire!!!

  • SolarEXtract

    Bill Hicks was a master of exposing the true reality of modern myths.

  • Trevor Prather

    Alex Jones is freaking hilarious!!! I never knew.

  • Mary Rose Roche

    Brillant. Just absolutely brilliant. Was on top of his game that night.

  • Mary Rose Roche

    Love that British accent and routine. xD

  • Mary Rose Roche

    Haha that Beatles routine was fucking hilarious. xD

  • MrWeARE100

    That croud sucks man… No resect for real truthfull humor… xd

  • FamousByFamily

    yes shut the fuck up in the audience.

  • Jew Macintosh

    "What performer wants his audience dead?" I think you do bill. Ive seen your rants. "Hitler had the right Idea he was just an underachiever!!!!"

  • James Hansen

    fucking. genius. period.