Bill Hicks Destroys the Illuminati

Bill Hicks unleashes on the elite.


Bill Burr –

Dave Chappelle –

Louis CK –

George Carlin –

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  • Brian Mchugh

    Some American people think that Clinton or Trump is a choice.

  • kickinbackinOC

    Bill Hicks died of pancreatic CIA.

  • K Ford

    Bill Hicks the master comedian. He endured a lot of shit for his stand up.

  • chicken little

    it took me years to open my eyes and come fully awake. My problem? I was buying into all the lies being shoved down my throat. I regret that I was asleep during the days of Bill Hicks because it would have spared me the painful realization that I blindly bought into what was being sold and passed it on to my children, particularly my oldest. Nowadays I don't even buy birthday cards, not even for my mom! I believe time with her and a heartfelt"I love you momma. thank you for always being there for me" from my lips and not a Hallmark card means so much more. Neither do I buy two sets of school pictures, go all out on birthdays, holidays, etc. My 14 year is the sole kid in his group of friends who has never had a new IPHONE or Xbox one and that's perfectly OK because he can ride a bike, a scooter, skateboard or dirt bike like a champ. He climbs trees, plays football and basketball and takes out the trash. I guess it took the 14 years I spent raising four kids by myself but I damn sure finally got it! They don't need all that shit. They need less of it. Consumerism consumes not all your finances, but you soul as well.

  • madProgenitorDeity

    Stop trying to link your specific notion of the fucking illuminati to everything. Stop trying to put your words in the mouths of the dead.

  • CANNIBoy

    Wow x

  • MrSoLiDIcE

    9:03 you see the driver turn around and shoot JFK in the head

  • Samthaman s

    You mean Alex Jones

  • Majoras

    what up with the shit background music?

  • Stefano Magaddino

    Love the Non Phixion beat at 4:03. Nice job! That's REAL hip hop.

  • jutubaeh

    4:20 in verse manu ?


    Bill was a Truther way ahead of his time, Nobody wants to hear the Fucking Truth… You know Why?….. Cause it would scare the Shit outta 'em. We have been dumbed down and any of you out that think you haven't been are fools, You can have a dozen Masters Degrees walking around all High & Mighty. But when it come down to it, Your just a Pawn in the Big Game of Chess that's been played for 100's of years. Bill was telling America to wake up then, Apparently no one decided to heed his Warning. Well Shit the Bed Fuckers! Cause now it might be too late. Good Luck Sheeple. Some of you know the Truth and I know you'd like to know more, But they wont let it happen. Zippitydoodah!

  • Kronickillness Nikolaos

    Now we know why he's been killed