Bill Hicks: Chicago (1989) [Bootleg]

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  • Evan Goch

    What I would give to hear how he would skewer today's society.

  • Nick Conti

    Damn wish this dude didn't die i would kill to see him live hes so funny

  • maynards dic

    How can a door be a jar?
    so fucking funny

  • AT RS

    I love when he said at 40:17 – "By the year 2000, all malls in the world are going to be connected." I can't believe he was only 32 when he died.

  • Алексей Стах

    You take my college money and you turn that AC on right now, buddy

  • James King

    oh Jack, we're all real and all one. There's no need to convince others of something they can't handle, because it's too deep to sound like everything else they try to sell you. The term is "FREE" – what a turd.

  • Here We Go


  • Ruben Arroyo

    This is just great comedy so underated

  • Ray Rupnow

    I miss my friend Bill…there never will be another…the government / media will never allow it…

  • decorumgun

    This is fucking perfect

  • Jamie Fitzgrade

    Love when he takes off he's father

  • Jack Heathen

    So far ahead of his time. NO ONE is this real.

    "Thanks for checking out this Mr. Heathen. More Bill Hicks in my PLAYLIST:"

    I did it for you bud.

  • ProjectFlashlight612

    "I'm trying to quit buying."