Bill Hicks BANNED Last Appearance on the Late Night David Letterman Show Guest Mary Hicks

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  • chrisz5z

    LOL….yea in 93' people were way too uptight for this

  • octopibingo

    I appreciate the skill invoked in Bill's commentary, but like Carln's last three decades, not much humor. You can always get young libs to "laugh" at hatred aimed at Christians (though not at Muslims) but that is not wit. Pandering to the lowest common denominator.

  • Jo Lat

    One thing that couldn't happen in 2016.

  • eric maurer

    Bill Hicks hurt my feewings mommy! Fuck'n pussies,…Jesus.

  • juan altredo

    obviously not at the top of his powers, but still better than 99.99% of comedians

  • Barbi Button

    Is he really Alex Jones? Anyone have proof or evidence as such. 

  • Coldacre

    sorry, but this is rubbish. Bill Hicks is crap. just another American who was edgy 20 years ago. Dylan Moran..that's a real comedian.

  • Sugarface McBigTits

    He knew of his cancer diagnosis at the time of that tape.

  • angantyr86

    "they are all laughing and cheering!… WE CAN'T PUT THIS ON AIR!"

  • johnny07652

    That was offensive and blasphemous – I can see why they banned it. I also notice that the comments section is a magnet for heathens. Scary that this world allowing atheists to be so brazen, I wish the world would be great again like when atheists were kept quiet with their hate speech.

  • ashwadhwani

    A worthy mom whose son does her proud even after passing away

  • Konrad L.

    Today they would kill somebody like Bill Hicks. They wouldn't let him anywhere near a TV Show.

  • TheGuidoCongetti

    TOTALLY Alex jones

  • arcbc33

    Yeah Dave, that Billy Ray Cyrus Joke wasn't dated at all……

  • Steve Hardy

    I blame Obama for this

  • Tony Sanchez

    Put a leather jacket on him and have him speak in a Jersey accent, he'll be the reincarnation of Andrew Dice Clay.

  • Daniel Jones

    Letterman was an insufferable cunt nut