BILL HICKS – A “MUST WATCH” INTERVIEW (uploaded 2007 migrated from Google Video)

The “Description” below was written in 2007 when I uploaded this video to Google, and despite “changes” in my perspective, for purposes of “historical accuracy” and “personal integrity” I have left it “as is”.

I have just disabled comments on this video… YES, I’m fully aware there’s a “conflict of interests” (or perhaps paradox) due to the content of “Bill’s message” in this video regarding “censorship” and any perceived prevention of “freedom of speech” by my actions… HOWEVER, “reasonable people don’t write letters, reasonable people have lives” (and I infer that those who get into crazy mud slinging, inflated egotistical irrelevant “arguments” against others in the “comment section” are “unreasonable”). NOBODY CARES WHAT YOU THINK!

To all those who left grateful, thoughtful and appreciative comments towards Bill, myself and Dave the awesome interviewer, I thank you. To all the “fevered egos” with “beliefs” and “opinions” they wish to air… do it somewhere else…


I have to give Bill Hicks full credit for waking me up to how the world really works, and this, his last interview includes the footage which proves the Branch Davidians were murdered at Waco, a Bradley tank with a flame thrower attached.

This interview was shown on Austin Public Access and has been on Google before, only to be pulled for some spurious reason. If Bill’s friend Kevin Booth is still selling this video then please support his good work (along with Alex Jones) exposing the New World Order, but the information Bill puts across in this interview is too important for humanity to be perceived as having “intellectual copyright”.

Bill hardly swears in this interview so there’s no reason for it to be removed for obscenity reasons, if it gets pulled again then it’s the evilarchy, not his friends, followers or disciples requesting it’s removal.

Please watch, learn and WAKE UP – There IS a war on for our minds… R.I.P. Bill, you’re my messiah, Vernon was a false prophet!
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