Bill Hicks, 1993

US comedian Bill Hicks gives a cheeky performance about the colonisation of Australia, British food and children on aeroplanes.

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  • Nestor’s Dragon

    Britain is fucking mental

  • Red Whovian

    Okay Hey Hey its Saturday needs explaining for the foreigners clearly. This was a light entertainment show that went for two decades from the 80s til the 90s, the host had a puppet ostrich as a side kick (that's what you see at one angle from the side lines) and it also featured a man in a voice over booth who would throw comments in during the show at random points, he's the one you can hear laughing during Bill's set, it is not canned laughter. Thankyou.

  • bigmetalboots

    Why does this when you search for Frowning Funeral Impressions

  • Luke playz

    and suck Satan's cock

  • Luke playz

    put him in the jar

  • AMFM

    A great loss for comedy. One of the best.

  • Luke playz

    Britain 4ever legend

  • Luke playz

    he doesn't even look like Alex Jones wat the fuk is wrong with people it's like America is keeping people dumb and apathetic bill was spot on r.i.p bill

  • Iamyouonlydifferent

    the studio set couldn't be anymore 90s if it tried

  • Jaxson Action

    Infowars live on hey hey before infowars even existed… who is Alex Jones?

  • Butthead

    Bill Hicks and canned laughter… Nope.