Best of Sam Harris Debate, Interview, Arguments #1 | Mind blowing documentary

Best of Sam Harris Debate, Interview, Arguments #1 | Mind blowing documentary

compilation by ScienceToday
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  • Jungle Jargon

    Science is what you can know and you can't know that mindless things made you.

  • chewyismycopilot

    this man is gross and racist

  • Anwar Shaikh

    I think they are ganging up on Deepak. He anticipates where science is headed. Harris attacks Deepak adhomanim rather than his intuitions. The others are just riding coat tails.

  • Scarlett Indigo

    Anyone who is still religious after actually listening (not just flat denying) at 10:40 must be insane.

  • fspsyco1

    anyone hear that one guy who clapped at 23:57 LOL, the lack of anyone else clapping shut him up quick.

  • atam mardes

    "Religion allows perfectly decent and sane people to believe by the
    billions what only lunatics could believe on their own."

  • Pender

    that last comment harris made is a bit dishonest, deepac is continuously saying that someone should step up to correct him.

  • Aegis Divine

    That quote from Ron Paul was not in the context of being pro-Islam, but rather in the context of blowback and being anti-US foreign policy. Ron Paul was arguing that, in a lot of ways, US endeavors create more enemies than we eliminate. Perhaps Ron Paul's logic is incomplete, but it's not to say that religious extremist did not pre-exist US endeavors in the Middle East. But one must recognize that drone srikes make for great propaganda.

  • zipzle

    Thank you for posting this.

  • Mike Nelson

    This is just a 34 minute mic drop.

  • John Smith

    13:00 this part is the most important bit i've ever seen any of the atheist debaters point out. hitchens said something similar on various occasions, but harris says it best here, and points out the hypocritical double standard, the mental gymnastics of "god is mysterious, but good no matter what he does", the agony of the thought of hell. i dont know enough about judaism to comment on their version, but i think christians and muslims with an inkling on compassion when seriously reflecting on this will seriously start to doubt their faith.

  • Sir Reginald

    I found out how real He is after I started going to an Apostolic church. I asked God to let me know if what they were teaching about Jesus being God and about salvation was true. God had shown me in the Bible and confirmed it to me by His Spirit, and made me to know it was true. But what happened after that was, when I started going around sharing it with other people and I laid my hands on them and prayed, then God's Spirit moved upon them in a way that they could physically feel it, God bearing witness of Himself to them, and letting them know that what I told them about God and about salvation was true. I laid hands on the sick, and they did recover, just within an hour each time. Including my aunt's dog that was sick. And this dog didn't even know or understand what I was doing or saying when I laid hands on her and prayed. And within an hour, the dog was all happy and running around and playing. And I was talking to a cousin of mine and asked God to tell me something about her to let her know that what I was telling her about God and about salvation is true. And God showed me something about her from when she was out of state. And when I told her about it, she was really surprised, and said she never had anything like that happen to her before.

    Jesus Is God Who Was Manifest In The Flesh

    The Truth About Salvation

  • Steven

    Deepak and his religious word salad.  Have Sarah Palin boil it down for us.  Humans are a mold on a ripe peach.

  • Yvonne Luna


  • Anka Polo

    "Science is now in process of overthrowing the climactic overthrow of the superstition of materialism" … Deepak, please tell me who is your dealer?

  • Walter Strong

    I get a real kick out of Sam's biting humor.  I'd avoid a battle of wits with the man at all costs!

  • LindaStevensBZ

    Chopra is just another variant of Peter Popoff. Hard to believe that people actually pay money to hear this guy and read his books and do his courses.