Best of Christopher Hitchens Arguments And Comebacks Part 12

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Best of Christopher Hitchens Arguments And Comebacks Part 12

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  • Sean Rae

    thanks for the compilation. greatly appreciated.

  • George Kenny

    he believes now

  • Concerned Citizen

    what Hitchens conveniently leaves out on Hitler is that Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a true Christian, unlike Hitler who practiced fascism, conspired to assassinate Hitler.

    Arguing against Christianity is easy if you cherry pick such examples as Hitler, Rev Jim Jones, Catholic priests abuses of altar boys, prosperity teachers, Westborough Baptists, etc.

    Should Moses not have freed the slaves?

    Should Joshua not have fought against those sacrificing their children to Moloch?

    Should David not have fought against Goliath?

    Should Jesus not have died for our sins?

    Should God not have given man and angels free will, wherein they might choose whether to good or evil?

    Atheists practice cherry picking as any others and are not exempt from the accusation, especially when arguing Hitler as a Christian.

    Hitler was greatly influenced by Russian propaganda – The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, designed to foment Jewish hate and make suspect Jewish "supposed" aims of taking over the world. A convenient distraction to divert attention from Czar Nicholas II's failures.

    This contrivance even convinced Henry Ford that the Jews had a worldwide plan and Ford was even mentioned in Hitler's Mien Kampf.

    Also conveniently left out by Hitchens.

    The fact is that Hitchens is dead, Christ is risen and we are forgiven, and so may Hitchens be, for who can judge another, but God?

    I am not religious, don't go to church, and am a non-denominational Christian who believes that the KJV Bible is absolutely infallible and that we are, of course, fallible; yet, understandably – forgiven: – Jesus words: "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do."

    We are not God.

    Our intelligence is limited and thank God so.

    I don't want to know what evil is being done in either the name of God or without.

    God knows and his only begotten Son paid the ultimate price for all our sins. The price of freedom from sin is that we acknowledge so great a sacrifice and come to understand that there is life after Hitchens, such as going for a walk, camping, fishing, looking up into the stars and our universe and possibly thinking – it is all so much beyond us, and why so?

    Infinite love knows no bounds for, in one excellent weekend, camping, looking upon the stars, one might complete such a new Heaven and Earth without need for light, but the light of God in our presence, as promised in the Bible, where sin no more abounds, and we are one with who created us to be ourselves, yet freed from our mortal bodies of corruption and decay and the sins of these and all former days.

    Take a weekend off of Hitchens, Dawkins, Harris, Dennet, and the like and just go out camping, away from man-made city lights and buzz.

    And simply ask: why is it that chimpanzees continue to be chimpanzees and, do not stop being chimpanzees; and why does man do the same?

    Something happened in Africa long ago and who is to say that divine intervention was not at play?

  • Fik Desta

    Brainy, intellectual, well spoken, honest of his feeling, very human( watched Mother Teresa" Hell of Engel") I honestly missed him!

  • michael marler

    Was watching all of these and thinking…what the hell part 12…everything Christopher Hitchens says makes a highlight reel.

    And well, yeah. Of course.

  • Uzumaki Nagato

    Christopher Hitchens could convince God that he doesn't exist. His death is a sore loss to the world.

  • Jonjo Senna

    Every time I watch hitch, I'm always left shaking my head in disbelief (ironically), at how good a oratory genius he was.

  • Lizzie Farrah

    To jens, l have my evidence that the lord exists. Christians have a personnal relationship with christ. I cannot show you it. I have it. I asked for it. That is all l can say. It is quite simple really. I do not have to see to believe.

  • Daniel Mocsny

    0:001:00 – why do the people who read the introductions for the featured speaker always have to say "Uh" in every third syllable? I can't wait until computers become smarter than human idiots and can delete that crap in real time.

  • Anne Brown

    The female presenter looks bored stiff and is very rude playing with her papers when christopher was speaking, if she didnt want to interview him then she shouldnt have interviewed him on the other hand she should probably listen to him because she might learn something, she might learn a lot of things.

  • Indian Giver

    13 dislikes…. 13 people and stupid as fuck!

  • MDSJudicator

    What's the name of the guitar riff at the end please?

  • HyperSloth

    "it is the mind-forged manacles that are often the hardest to break."

  • InformationIsTheEdge

    7:24 "So, now you know how rude I can be." Everyone, including his antagonist and the moderator, applauded Christopher's comments. Now THAT is a charming and skilled debate opponent.

  • AwareOne

    This is the best channel ever. Thank you so much for these awesome compilations!!