Best of Christopher Hitchens Arguments And Comebacks Part 11

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Best of Christopher Hitchens Arguments And Comebacks Part 11

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  • k3l2p

    "Never forget how religion was like before its fangs were drawn." Brilliant.

  • BattleshipTx

    Death is certain. Life after death seems probable to me.

  • Indian Giver

    In terms of brain power, hitch is in the top 1%

  • anthony spencer


  • Sam King

    Wish he was here to hitchslap the regressive SJWs back to the Stone Age

  • Jeffrey Burton

    he forgot about the flood.

  • Brian Chenoweth

    Haha "part 11"! Everything hitch said was a hitch slap. RIP

  • Mutt Silver

    How do you pronounce Agatan Fnd?

  • HeyDude93gt

    Christopher delivered speeches that was straight to the point and did it with so much confidence. I "sometimes" felt a little sadness for his opponents

  • Pat Brennan

    anyonee that disagreed with mr hitchens is an enemy of mine.

  • TheCatman TLG

    Ive only very recently come across Hitchens when i found a vid called 'Best of the Hitchslap'. Since then Ive fallen in love with his raw straight forward speech as much as his fierce intelligence. Was depressed for a few days when i learned of his death. Thank you very much for making these.

  • Brian Garrow

    Religious fundamentalism is not compatible with a free society.

  • TheGlogovac33

    Who's the woman at 7:20? I need it for a science project

  • Kurington Kuriton

    Fuck! I miss Christopher Hitchens.

  • Jean S

    I love Hitch, and agree with him wholeheartedly.  However….I think there may be valid medical statistics advocating circumcision of baby boys.  I know a lot of atheists who had the procedure based on that data.  I'm no expert on it, though.  Anyone want to weigh in?

  • sav0505

    3.55 is legend

  • Question Your World

    Love that the woman in the second clip after the intro looks like Hitchens made her wet. Just sat there squirming.

  • tremer 2009

    Thanks, Again, Agatan.:) FEEL THE BERN?!:)