Best of Christopher Hitchens Arguments And Clever Comebacks Part Four

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Best of Christopher Hitchens Arguments And Clever Comebacks Part Four
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  • MuhaNNad

    Hitchens is a true prophet who was sent from the creator .. but he doesn't know about it :)

  • tiffany atkinson

    you clearly so thick you do not believe planet living entity, when you actively join up with ones destroying us you are a lip liar can't damage the dead you not wanted. you are helping an alien gun wielding nation put down our spirit. you is sooo wrong. glad you a nazi sit don't next to me and if you were'nt dead already i'd put you down. no faith you are evil hope you a happy dead life with the evil. now fuc off and die twice spreader of evil bulllshit.

  • tiffany atkinson

    this man nazi followed all nazi scientists to america biggest war mongering bar stewards in history. think about it all citizens armed and all guns pointed at every country in world. they grow more grain than every other nation and use it for political gain. you is one clever traitor . glad you left britain . if you want to make people do evil things point a big weapon at um, give them no choice. you are a traitor to the planet. hope you live in eternal damnation.

  • tiffany atkinson

    the offer wasn't for you, it was to protect our beliefs, fuc off nazi lip liar

  • tiffany atkinson

    not bothered what you say, how cleverlely you put it. you are a traitor to my queen and our land, you is traitor and american nazi.

  • Daman Rai

    brilliant mind

  • George Kenny

    he believes now

  • jonnine

    Give it to the miserable sons-of-bitches Christopher. Unlike most, you shall not die.

  • Tom Palmer

    I was watching a movie directed by Clint Eastwood titled "The Changeling". There was this serial killer in this film who was killing little boys on this isolated ranch near the Canadian border. I was thinking that if there was another adult on this ranch, who was much stronger than this serial killer and had no reason to fear him, and still did nothing to stop the killings, that adult would be considered complicit in these murders. So where does that leave us with a god who is omnipotent and omnipresent? God cannot escape complicity in these murders. There is that tired argument that god is permitting such things so we can have free will. Maybe god is allowing free will to the serial killer, but what about the boys? Where is their free will? An omnipotent and omnipresent god cannot escape complicity in all the terrible things that happen.

  • Spencer Holman

    need him more than ever

  • Andrew Willis

    0:20 Dude, is so drunk, and he is truly enjoying himself. Two killer jokes back to back. Love him. Feel like drinking now.

  • One FreeThinker

    An outstanding brilliant mind and one of the last and greatest polymaths who ever lived. Long live The Hitch! his echo will never die.

  • Tyler Dokis

    "Do you know why the Amish girl was excommunicated?
    Two Mennonite."
    Greatest joke I ever heard.

  • Keith Bellew

    I love Christopher Hitchens, but I am a bit disappointed that while he rightfully said that Belgian colonialism exacerbated the ethnic problems in Rwanda, he failed to mention that the troubles in Northern Ireland are a direct result of British colonialism

  • Emma Munro

    I love how America was besotted by him (with his suave manner and english accent), but back in the UK, everyone just thought he was an arrogant prick incapable of proper and rigorous debate or thought.

    And he knew that. He knew he can make money in the US, but in the UK would mostly be derided.

  • John Kelly

    I have a hard time viewing Hitcho when he's sick and balding. Remind me of me dear old da on the way out

  • issab84

    The greatest feminist ever!

  • anthony spencer

    This man is amazing in his study and his logic love Hitchens his wisdom will live forever!!

  • Deadhammer666

    " The man had more wit, style and substance than a few civilsations I can name"
    Sam Harris about Htchens