Best of Christopher Hitchens Arguments And Clever Comebacks Part 3

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Best of Christopher Hitchens Arguments And Clever Comebacks Part 3
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  • Jasper Calling

    A million years of evolution and the pope tells us not to jerk off lol RIP 

  • George Kenny

    he believes now

  • j Nakhjo

    Chris is our working class genius!! thank you Chris R.i.P.

  • ibrahim bouta

    the gravity is my new god, at least it keeps everything together.

  • Eltae42

    Oh Hitch ! How I miss you .

  • Olebull93

    <3 Christopher Hitchens.

  • PixelHero

    I love the way Hitch simply doesn't bother to look at the jew since it doesn't matter because his is debating religion and not a person, but a representative of religion.

  • Warpaint On

    IMHO, it is a great sadness that caring, thinking men allow themselves to be placed in a Houdini-like box called "religion", and wrestle with one another as they try to find oxygen… while an audience looks on hoping for yet another teasing, taunting 'carrot'..

    The clear distinction between "religion" (an attempt of a withered hand to reach upwards while denying its dystrophy) and, REALITY on the other.. wherein an Obvious Mystery called by some a Cosmos, is denied the possibility of communion between the eternal and the apparently temporal… between A/The Creator and His beloved creature/creation… again… the clear distinction seems so often lost, or ignored altogether.

    The 'communion' occurs.. for some, and not for all. This is evidence of freedom.

    For example, have you fallen "in love" with every man or woman?… or is there a certain and undefinable action at work wherein two humans "fall in love"? Why is there the need to qualify or empiricize this? Perhaps for 'onlookers' there seems to be… but not for those who are rapt in the experience' of this mystery of "falling in love'.

    If you disallow or RESENT the obvious presence of "MYSTERY" from the experience of having been born into this 'Cosmos'; one in which he or she is constantly surrounded by an infinite amount of mysterious reality that literally touches you each moment.. a 'reality' that you cannot explain… then how have you begun honestly to ask anything when so little is clearly "PROVABLE'? Lives are wasted trying to prove incessantly as the clock ticks, only to find at the end, that the mystery and hope of 'living' redemptively was missed altogether. Friendship with 'humility' had been spurned from the very outset.

    Pride is blindness. It is indeed. Horizontalism is nothing more than a self-created cell with no walls… but merely a very low, and crushing ceiling.

    Faith is the evidence of things that are unseen.

    Such debates are entertainment at best, or vainglorious irrelevance, at worst.

  • Miskov Can

    @39:07 Christopher Hitchens last argument in this video is total nonsense. Neither "Bosnia-Herzegowina" nor "Kosovo" are "culturally muslim, democratic, open" societies! They are just the best examples in europe, for artificially created "muslim countries", imposed on a formerly christian population, that has been conquered and overthrown 600 years ago by the ottoman kaliphate, and is still being oppressed by Islam! The threat of obliteration is a permanet threat for the christian orthodox serbian "native" people(s) in former Yugoslavija and not vice versa. The reason why they could live there peacefully, is because the islamization of former Yugoslavija is not over, but has been slown down, and thanks to the sacrifice of the serbian people, not yet finished by the USA! How could he be so wrong on that? He is completely opposing what he ever said on Islam by this sentence, or am I missing something ?

  • papersplease

    "The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing" – Socrates

    This is all you need to know about being an Atheist.

  • BuzzKill

    I dislike these kind of debates because THEY CONSTANTLY INTERRUPT EACH OTHER!! GODDAMMIT just let the man talk for fuck's sake

  • John T. DiFool

    @4:00 hmh first time i dislike chris' approach. If one holds the belief that any given fact is true, it simply doesn't matter whether he wants it or not.
    It's akin to ask: if you don't think there's an afterlife, why do you want people to be dead?

    (Even though he provides arguments why the christian afterlife is a bummer, to say the least) The followup question of whether he wants it or not is totally irrelevant.

  • Ant Rave

    Religious boi has the best seat in the house.