Best Christopher Hitchens Arguments (Part 3) – Compilation – Debate, Interview, and Lecture Footage

These are some of the best arguments made by Christopher Hitchens on religion, politics, science, and more.
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  • IdleBigots

    Wow. The tool at 45:30 is hilarious. I've never heard a more textbook example of the 'god of the gaps' fallacy than her.

  • In Hitch we trust.

    Amazing video. Thankyou so much for your hard work editing this and uploading.

  • irvingwashington22

    @13:14: "I've got a little catch in my throat, I'll just get rid of it." No you won't, Hitch, although you didn't know it at the time.

    That's one of the most tragic little moments ever recorded. We all miss you mate.

  • Sarah Szabo

    I don't know why, but it looked like, at first, he was in a bathrobe.

  • M Hughes

    Damn I miss Hitches mind. He's be a great one to have around with the issues we face in the immediate future.

  • Bowl Cut

    lmfao that tool at 43:00 im dying guys

  • Scott Stevens

    Thank you very much for the upload. Much appreciated. subscribed, and will spread the word.

  • Dave_P110

    'I'm dying, but so are you' – Christopher Hitchens.

  • SneakyShark

    Thanks for putting together this compilation – so much footage I haven't seen and enjoyed a good few belly laughs at some new (to me) Hitch-slaps

  • SneakyShark

    35:14 – when Hitch utters the word "jesus.." in uncontained contempt for the question being asked..wonderful :)

  • sasha1suz

    I miss Hitch frequently. Never crosses my mind to miss "Jesus."

  • Austin Myslinski

    There is no one living that has such a gift of gab topped with emphatic wit.. Miss the HITCH. #WWHD

  • michaelgorby

    I need his voice like I need oxygen

  • StopLyin

    the guy at 40 minutes is full of shitt, im a doctor and hodgkin disease has one of the better progonses of cancers and lymphomas

    PS, goddamn its hard to find the "best" when everything you do is epic

  • Nick Cameron

    I like to think that if Christopher was gay we would have made a lovely couple.

  • Pat Brennan

    i do believe in a god, and his name is christ……. opher… lol.