Best Christopher Hitchens Arguments (Part 2) – Compilation – Debate, Interview, and Lecture Footage

This compilation features the best arguments made by Christopher Hitchens on religion, atheism, science, politics, and more!

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  • Detlef Roters

    Ben ik undercuffer en dat al voor duizende jaren

  • Jonathan degli Orsi

    they speak about atheism but they are all jews , all religious jews following judaism in secret as Mr hitchens himself. Some real atheist speaking at a hitchens conference ? almost none

  • Nate B.

    This was just an unbelievable ass whooping. Hitchens absolutely destroyed.

  • Glen Gray

    It is a mute point, but Christopher Hitchens has all his questions answered now. He understands the purpose of Christ coming to earth, the depth of God's love for mankind, and the great ignorance he had when speaking of God, Christ Jesus, and the truth of man's spirituality and life after death. All his question about heaven, hell, the destiny of the believer and unbeliever, and the reasons "Why?" are given a clear answer. He has no more questions.

  • Bunker Bunt

    Christopher Hitchens, April 13th, Aries. Hmmm.

  • Sound City Network ™

    This guy just fucking lied saying that he has never heard any religious person say that people go through rape and torture because that is God's plan. I challenge anyone to ask a religious person, specifically a Christian, why that girl was being held captive and violated for 20+ years. They will say one of two things i can guarantee you. One answer will be pure silence or the refusal to answer and the other option will be something similar to saying that it is "God's plan" or "God is testing them and will reward them in the afterlife". They will say something very similar to that.

  • alex

    25:18 muslim monkey asks a question.

  • alex

    14:43 buried that guy.

  • Gerry Butler

    In Hitchen's pontificating, he fails to explain away a problem closer to him than he seems to examine in his arguments. Our relationship with what we materially are is more complex, and at times quite vexed.

    The problem that a human is both a body that metabolises dinner and
    something that also thinks and entertains concepts like ‘metabolism’ and

    When we say our minds and specifically neural activities in our brain are just two aspects of the same thing. This conceit overlooks the fact that ‘aspects’ presuppose points of view (cf. the front and back of a house), and hence a consciousness that picks them out.

    The mind-body problem requires consciousness to explain the relationship between neural activity and consciousness.

    The materialist monist alternative – that humans are merely machines made of meat, wired through the brain into the material world – is no more attractive. Its most obvious challenge is to make sense of how bodily events (more precisely, brain events) give rise to or become our consciousness. Consciousness has all sorts of features – awareness,
    self-awareness, temporal depth, selfhood, the apparent ability to initiate events in the material world – that the machinery of the body does not alone seem capable of housing or generating.

  • BornAgain happyfriday

    i hope this reprobate minded man overcame his pride . and repented . .otherwise he is in hell screaming out in pain.lord jesus Christ please forgive me . .
    give me one more chance…
    his screams will not be answered . .sadly . .