Best Christopher Hitchens Arguments – 7 Hour Compilation! – Debate, Interview, and Lecture Footage

These are the best arguments made by Christopher Hitchens, on religion, politics, and other topics. They come from his debates, interviews, and lectures. Enjoy!
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  • Frozen Pond

    Could someone please help me find the part where Hitch is interrupted by the woman's cell phone ringing and comments about knowing where her children go to school? Much appreciated

  • sweetwildflower

    Wow, to put all this together is amazing and time consuming. Thank you. I enjoy the debates however its wonderful to have a great compilation. Again, Thank you.

  • Lemon :D

    I watch this video to sleep <3 right after I pray to my lord Christopher

  • Big Sandy

    I watched all 7 hours. after it was over I said shit!

  • Jessie Je

    I can't believe I only recently discovered this man's work. Incredible intellect and reasoning.

  • Jag Shokar

    This is, quite possibly, the best video compilation of any kind on Youtube. I was going to say that compiling this for us is the greatest thing anyone has ever done in the history of humanity, but that would be ever so slightly overstating it.

  • Tony Learner

    They had Socrates. We had Christopher Hitchens. They were lucky. So were we.
    RIP, Christopher … I miss your wit, your courage, your keen mind, your presence … you tried to dispel the darkness of ignorance and superstition with the sunlight of knowledge and reason. How can I forget you? You made us think … you were wonderful, sir … like Socrates … just like Socrates.

  • mark shires

    This should be mandatory for kids to watch once in every school year of their lives.

  • Jerry Vinson

    God what a colossal waste of time. Listen to Professor John Lennox instead.

  • Alex Dihes

    As a Jew I dislike H. He is not a Jew, nevertheless he is a highly professional kike. As a kike he was able to make millions pouring verbal diarrhea into ears of American simpletons (Americans particularly!!!). Now he is a puff of shitty smoke. What has he achieved?! He achieved his goal. Being a cake of shit he had a comfortable financial life span. He wanted to live much longer, yet God said enough is enough – too much stench is bad for honest people.
    One kike less is good for the Jewish nation.

  • Ariel Goldman

    david janssen

  • MsAnthropea Necrosis

    Fuck yes, Hitch.

  • IdleBigots

    I was happy and content until you got to all the news reels. Then I rapidly got angry by listening to the absurdity of organizations like FOX news.

  • Bowl Cut

    it is SO annoying, when people just fill their "arguement" with words that do not have any meaning, like that fucking bald fuck at around 5:46:00

  • Bowl Cut

    glorious bedtime viewing

  • Rake Zilla

    Since when did youtube allow almost 7 hours of continuous rape to be uploaded?

  • Rake Zilla

    I hate how everyone (religious) laughs at mormonism as if its so clearly ridiculous.

    Yes, a guy going to upstate new york and digging up a book and having magic pants is so ridiculous, but lets not talk about that – pass me the bread, that i shall pretend is the body of christ, pass me the water too, that i may pretend it is the blood of christ. Let us eat this, like some cannibalism roleplay, then discuss the virgin pregnancy of Mary.

    After that lets talk about talking snakes, burning bushes, Noah's Ark, creationism, etc.

    After all, why would we want to discuss mormon tripe, when we can discuss such believable stuff as this?

    The kettle calling the pot black.

  • Lizzie Farrah

    We all have very different and varied views on how the world began. I realise l will get slaughtered because of my beliefs. But l am not scared to say l believe in god. I still believe that god planned this world and the people in it. We have scientific minds because people came along and studied, very brilliant minds too. I l. ove to watch these people talk. But l have always looked at the design of human beings. How complex we are. Plus the world as a whole. It is complicated, it has to have had a creator.

  • LB NL

    Funny thing, usually you'd say "It's not fair to just show his responses and statements and not those of his debate-oposers" wich is a fair statement… however in Hitchens' (and some other people though sadly a select few) case, had this video shown all that, it would only have made his case stronger. Many times have I seen videos of his debates with religious people/leaders been named "***fill in name*** crushes Hitchens" or somtething in that fashion but never have I seen the content of those videos to reveal any religious debater even getting close to winning a debate against him.

    Apart from that it would have made this video a bit long XD