Apocalypse, Man: Michael C. Ruppert on World’s End (Part 3)

Apocalypse, Man: Michael C. Ruppert on World's End (Part 3)

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Michael C Ruppert on Syria, Obama, and global economic collapse: “The United States Empire is crumbling as we speak. The world doesn’t have a Plan B for what happens when the United States fails. But the United States NEEDS to fail. The US dollar NEEDS to fail. Not until you have killed the last fish, cut down the last tree, and poisoned the last river will you discover that you cannot eat money.”

Most people were first exposed to Michael C. Ruppert through the 2009 documentary, Collapse, directed by Chris Smith. Collapse was one of the scariest documentaries about our world and the fragile the state of our planet. It was also one of VICE’s favorite films from the past ten years.

Michael was forced to leave the LAPD after claiming that the CIA was complicit in selling drugs across America, and he quickly became one of the most original and strident voices to talk about climate change, government corruption, and peak oil through his website, “From the Wilderness.”

Following the release of Collapse, Michael’s personal life underwent something of a collapse itself and he paid off all his debts, left behind all his friends, and moved with his dog Rags to Colorado, planning to commit suicide.

VICE caught up with Michael in the middle of the epic beauty of the Rocky Mountains at the end of last year. We found a man undergoing a spiritual rebirth—still passionate about the world and with a whole new set of apocalyptic issues to talk about.

Apocalypse, Man is an intimate portrait of a man convinced of the imminent collapse of the world, but with answers to how the human spirit can survive the impending apocalypse.

Soundtrack by Sunn O))), Flaming Lips, Big Noble, Michael C. Ruppert, and more.

Directed by Andy Capper.

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  • Erika Nann

    Super Excellent Work! Love your strength, fortitude and Wisdom. Thanks for leading a path for others to discover. 🙂
    Love and Blessings. Erika

  • spinalcrackerbox

    Putin following laws? I hope he got to reconsider that line later.

  • calinative imperial

    can you eat money? if not why do our lives revolve around it?

  • OXY !


  • calinative imperial

    is ed Snowdon a hero or a traitor?

  • Mark St. James

    thanks vice, a very important piece of work

  • viennois0123

    misunderstanding most he sees.
    not realising he is being used like a puppet for goals he would despise if he could only realise. hes lost in a personal apocalypse, not a global one.

  • Wolfseig ,

    Several small scale riots and in Europe over mass immigration. The militias in the U.S. rise up in kentucky or montana. Terrorists. Hackers shut off the elrctricity. No power. No ATM. Hurricanes. No police they wont work for no pay theyll look after their own family. So Armed gangs. Diseases. Cannibalism.Bigger Terrorism. israel nukes iran.russia retaliates. U.S attacks russia. BANG. we can sense it. its spiralling outta control before the ecologicsl system gives in.

  • Provo 187

    Piece to you all
    See you on the other side

  • Nick Salazar

    I was completely blown away when he pulled out that $20 bill and pointed out that the phrase "In God We Trust" is saying that money is the actual god of this country! I NEVER saw it that way but he is absolutely 100% on point!!