Anonymous: was Michael C. Ruppert murdered by the Illuminati?

Anonymous will investigate the possible murder of Michael C. Ruppert.
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  • Chris Diers

    He said himself he would never commit suicide and if he died it would be people against him.

  • mallik sharma

    But this audo commentator has wholly spoiled the video. He should have spoken clearly and normally – if he had fears that his voice might be recognized, there are other methods for alternative clear speech.

  • mallik sharma

    I can never believe the suicide story.

  • TheraP2014

    I wanted to listen to this but the audio is too annoying and hazardous to my astral body no doubt.

  • Angela Coudenys

    He didn't kill

  • Ro500501502

    It's obvious to anyone that he was killed and his suicide was a setup. The note has some discrepancies.

  • Dean3Corso3

    Did they really not set up an investigation and use flashlights to determine the situation?

  • Lynda Craig

    He wouldn't have left his dog like that. He would have left him with his buddy.

  • Angela Coudenys

    I wish I could be with him

  • Freedom Thinker

    Give it up you have been found out. Stupid. You are spreading propaganda as you well know.

  • Jacob Hannon

    fake !! hack the globe and you will know

  • Alula

    what the fuck? if you're going to make a video with commentary at least make it clear we can't understand this shit

  • Jimmy Joe

    I can't understand what you're saying fam.

  • Chelsea Eiben

    He was murdered.  Another martyr in heaven….

  • Michael Greer

    No dog owner would leave his/her dog in the car if they were going to commit suicide. All else I can say is that I hope I'm not being misled by this video.

  • Neils Dahlberg

        Loved the American Indian Chant  –Thinking People are Outraged…