Anonymous Message to The Zeitgeist Movement and The Venus Project

The original script for this had some names that could have offended some, so I changed it a little and made the vid for it.

Audio track is titled “.:Pictures:.” and can be found here:

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  • Dr.Gavagai

    anonymous my ass

  • Brandon Harper

    sure do have a good point

  • ben low

    If everything is kept anonymous. Then how are people suppose to come together as one. Everyone would be trying to do the right thing but alone with no one ever knowing witch would make it fail. The Venus project has constantly said that they don't want to be recognized as a cult or have there be someone in charge more than others. There's a reason why we are all called human being and not called anonymous. Because we need eachother to survive

  • Seth Ackal

    I doubt this is true anonymous. but if so. then they are contributing to the problem now.. and that leaves me highly disappointed

  • Kristoff Bjorgman™

    So you anonymous are as corrupt as the rest of them.

  • Opie DeLetta

    Differentiation, as a cosmic constant impulse, is the source of all fissures, bifurcations and atomizations.  The human animal is trapped in a self-destructive vortex because it has imprinted its collective identity on a 180-degree processing modality — that which is sourced from the polarity of

    For the human animal to continue it must incorporate the 360-degree processing modality — that which is born from the holistic source — and is therefore antecedent to the differentiation

    There is no other answer. There is no other option.  The human animal must evolve "dimensionally" or perish.  It's an individual and collective choice.  And there is no escape from the choice.

  • Vadims Zilberts

    "We dont have NAME"… Wtf "Anonymous"!? Video about Nothing…

  • Heinz Bauman

    Isnt anonymous a name? It is hard for someone to be credible to the public if you dont use names,altough much things cam be done anonymously, but if you really want that people will follow ,you need a name.My parents are from the baby boom era,they think zeitgeist and venus project are a cult or religious sect,and about anonymous they think just about some jerk off geeks trying to scare somebody,but they are wrong in both things,cause all of this organisations trying to make the world a better place.Keep up the good work,the world needs you.greetings from T_ _ Z_ _ _ _ _ _ _ t M_ _ _ _ _ _ t.

  • Forr Alll

    was not sure about you guys witch side u are been but after this video FU** YOU. always i been thinking why u cant showe some solution's. and now i think why. because u are twats who works on goverment.101% NWO gonna fail.

  • Kayla Starling

    your name is anonymous and legion lol

  • ammonammonammon

    We are all bound by natural law, not just Anon. Once everyone figures that out we'll be the much closer to fixing our problems.

  • MrBobnokious

    Anonymous is nothing but a bunch of snotty nose teenage computer geeks.

  • MrBobnokious

    Isn't "anonymous" a name and title?

  • luckyx360

    its a language problem buddy you cant escape from it

  • Robert Ramsay

    So much talk of names, seems pointless. the VP and Anonymous have a similar goal.. Freedom.

  • solidsnipz

    This is anonymous's response to The Venus Project…

    They agree with their approach but they point out TVP's flaw is that they have given themselves 'a name' which makes them seem like a cult.

    It seems that the only way forward is by creating a nameless movement which people can't attack. You might describe a nameless movement as anonymous..

    Even 'Anonymous' has a name and is stigmatised and attacked. Therefore it returns full circle and the answer is simple, people need to be told:
    >what's wrong w/ our system
    >what needs to change
    >how to change it
    >why these changes will improve our quality of life etc.

    It is up to everyone as individual free thinkers to not follow anyone or thing, but instead follow their desires. For those who are well informed their desires will be A) survival eg. getting money (because of the system) for food, shelter etc and B) attempting to change the system by enabling others to think freely.