Anonymous – Message to the Citizens of the World III

Anonymous - Message to the Citizens of the World III

Anonymous – Message to the Citizens of the World III
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Greetings World, We are Anonymous.

At this point in history virtually every human on this planet is enslaved whether they know it or not. This is not the crude and primitive slavery of ancient times, it does not rely on whips and shackles to keep the oppressed in their place. These tools have been rendered obsolete by much more sophisticated methods.

That most of the enslaved are unaware of their condition and would in fact argue fiercely that they are free is a testament to the effectiveness of these invisible chains.

You’ve heard the expression “Money makes the world go round”. There’s truth in that.

Money is the prime motive for human labor in modern civilization. If you want food, shelter and clothing you must have money, and unless you are part of the tiny minority who have more money than they could ever spend in their lifetime, then you must work, beg or steal for that money. That’s why you get up in the morning to go to work even if you hate your job, and that’s why the specter of unemployment is more terrifying for most people than the prospect of spending 50 years of their life performing menial tasks within the confines of a florescent lit cubicle…Full Transcript:

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Anonymous – Message to the Citizens of the World:

Anonymous – Message to the Citizens of the World II:

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  • LpsPurpleHearts Production

    We are a Legion, We do not Forget, We do not Forgive. Expect us

  • Savage FMG

    expose those clowns

  • Loki Reyes

    Loki says hi :D

  • yoyo froyo

    i want a reasonable response as to who to vote for in the upcoming american election all politicians are corrupt i feel being denied sanders was the only heart of gold honest person in politics i dont know what to do could you talk about clinton trump johnson and stein and what americans can do with real facts not snippets from bias websites

  • John F

    I am a wage slave.

  • Anthony McMahon

    shut ur fucking mouth.

  • Killer123 Jr Chris

    GET HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Trayc Music

    I explained this to my grandparents in the same way, their brainwashed it's sad. I hate the fact that they think all 2 maybe even 3 world wars are for our freedom! We need a change guys now.

  • JustTo Bear

    Anonymous what voice changer pls reply




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