ALERT 10/21/16 : New Wikileaks Release Rattles Clinton Campaign

New Wikileaks Release Rattles Clinton Campaign


Fox News Channel (FNC), also known as Fox News, is an American basic cable and satellite news television channel that is owned by the Fox Entertainment Group subsidiary of 21st Century Fox

Fox News Channel has been accused of biased reporting and promoting the Republican Party.
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  • Asiantinos for Trump

    What Obama had caused disastrous to America .

  • Andre Holmberg

    Actually trump is 15 to 6 why does CNN cut feed when it shows him up,im fucking tiered of all this media bullshit

  • Mohd Jailani Jalil

    How can the accounting process be sloppy. The 6 BILLION is tax payers' money. If America huge sum of money is not accounted correctly, accurately and diligently how can we trust HRC with being President to lead US for the next 4 years
    to be fully in charge of USA financial management. Not only she has bad judgement she also has bad financial management. With her 4 years in the Oval office will surely without a doubt increase the current debt to a much higher level and will lead America doom into bankruptcy. Do all logical and sensible thinking Americans want to take a chance by electing her into the highest office?
    Over the past 3 decades in the establishment what had she done to improve American lives? Zilt! Zero! All talk but no action.
    By electing a business incumbent like Trump think bring abt changes to the status quo of the current establishment. Trump does not like to lose and I am very positive that he will walk the talk. As we all know he understand profit and loss of a business. If he is elected POTUS he will be able to turn losses into profit eventually. This will surely reduce the trillion of debts which America is facing now.

  • Fighting Words

    Sandra looking HOT……
    Keep the Wikileaks dump coming for the rest of the year….No matter who wins !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eric Swoles209

    wheres the 6 billion. she takes $ from murderous countrys for immunity

  • Eric Swoles209

    ya right the chunky lady at the endw glasses is a lyer.

  • Eric Swoles209

    the bitch w the blk hair is so stupid . truth hurts!!!

  • Eric Swoles209

    hillary4prision asap

  • Eric Swoles209

    Trump 2016


    deez hootchies crazy

  • py ehmann

    Obama was Gods judgement on your country and if the witch gets in your country is OVER—– wake up you people before it is to late for you

  • casey faughn

    excuse me six billion dollars

  • casey faughn

    that's a good question where is the six million dollars that she lost and why is that not being an issue why is nothing that that woman is doing and has been shown against her being an issue why is the news not on that

  • casey faughn

    this woman has Miley Cyrus campaigning for her what a freaking joke people please don't vote for this woman

  • Gunnery Sergeant Hartman

    The fuck ! They paid Kate Perry and Miley Cirus to campaign for them

  • cheri hawkins

    obuma,your a real piece of work!!!!

  • cheri hawkins

    Putin was are allie untill Hittery came into the picture! when she's out! which will be very soon:} we will have peace and work together with other nations!!!!!