Adam Kokesh Versus Peter Joseph of Zeitgeist

Adam Kokesh Versus Peter Joseph of Zeitgeist

Adam Kokesh Versus Peter Joseph of Zeitgeist
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    Adam Kokesh IS A FUCKIN MORON

  • ManufacturedReality

    Peter is right when he says BALANCE is the key to happiness. So many people's lives are out of wack.

  • Arrygon

    joseph is fascist

  • Caz D

    I actually really enjoyed this discussion. I'm a Peter Joseph fan but this was done very intelligently.

  • Josh G

    Kokesh only BARELY expresses anything remotely coherent here. His position seems painfully sophomoric and shortsighted, almost painful to listen to.

  • Chet Hawkins

    If you eliminate coercion, you eliminate many people's restraint. For many people the coercion of others (government) is the only restraint they partake of. This can readily be seen in any family. Try to enforce order or wisdom on your child without coercion. It cannot be done at certain ages, for some ever. Further, the freedom to out-compete others is not really a morally correct choice. It seems to be, but it isn't. That delusion is one Capitalism has got to face eventually. Murder or murder by resource shortages caused by a thousand different ways in which one and one's ancestors were bested by competition? It's the same thing. Delude yourself otherwise at your moral peril.

  • Chet Hawkins

    Liberty must be restrained. That is merely wise and sensible. In fact the concept of restraint itself can be seen as the functional element, the decisive element, of wisdom itself. Freedom taken wholesale, is evil just as much as good. If the aim is 'good' then freedom (chaos) and order (law) are equally rank failures in their support of that goal. They are both just as likely to spawn (chaos) evil or be used and designed (law) for evil. Most people cannot or WILL not grasp these truths. They'd rather have law or freedom than really pay the price to pursue wisdom (good).

  • condomsnconstitution

    A computer chip in your brain is actually a negative for freedom.

  • Michael Gentles

    There are concepts presented by both Adam and Joseph that I agree with. One thing they have in common is the understanding that there is something fundamentally flawed in the way we have organized our societies. Utopian plans such as the Zeitgeist movement and the Venus Project always make me a little nervous, because I can't help feeling that some segment of the population will be left out. The concept of voluntaryism is appealing on a theoretical basis, but I worry about its practical applications. I hope there is some common ground we could all plant ourselves on that could align both ideals. Abolition of governments is a scary concept to most people, because of the power vacuum it creates, and we worry that some other A-hole will swoop in to fill that void. I am all for peaceful revolution, and non-violence, but human history seems to tell us this is an unlikely scenario. I heard a quote somewhere that feels true, something like "the first person to die in a revolution is a true revolutionary." Perhaps enough of us can come together to at least experiment with these concepts. Could an entire town, with sufficient natural resources in a localized area actually implement the ideas of voluntaryism? "Leave your money at the gate, it's no good here." Printed money has no intrinsic value, it's a concept, a trust, an understanding. Could we actually agree on things that have real value, such as the basic needs of shelter and food, intellectual stimulation, love, and community, education above all. Could we work together to provide these things for one another? Would we begin to organize along the lines of one person's contribution to the community is more important than another's? Does an unskilled labourer deserve the same accommodations as an engineer or doctor? The labourer probably thinks so, but would the doctor? Have we yet evolved psychologically enough to accept "yes" as the answer to both?

  • RobotWookiee

    People still actually believe that Zeitgeist The Movie is good? That blows my mind.

  • dylnthmsn

    we have mass transit and the internet. that's the missing variable. we can feed and shelter everyone! #BernieOrBust

  • Kinkou Kinkou

    first think to do is become self sufficient i.e. learning small farming, building housing, producing your own electricity, drinkable water (many methods), creating your own appliances and recycling your waste. this can be taught at school from day one; it would involve the fundamental sciences as a progenitor to the suggested methods and once enough people are self sufficient. the antiquated system would have to follow or crumble

  • RBE transition TV

    a RBE is voluntary free society it is the equivilent of when single cells joined to become multicellular organsims literally //(co-operation')

  • RBE transition TV

    WHAT ABOUT THE FLAT EARTHERS? that shit is WAYo ut of control retardedness beyond forgiveness inmy opinion.

  • Nate Mikho

    its painful to listen to Kokesh. Its like watching a poorly edited film that makes no sense. He needs to learn Marxian dialectic to know how to connect the dots.

  • dylnthmsn

    Problem with Capitalism (in any form) is it causes greed, hate and jealousy, by design. The theory that Capitalism motivates innovation is a farce. Access to resources and proper education are the key to success. Mass production, and mass-intercommunication make Utopia wholly possible! Jacques Fresco schools both of these guys!