13407132_10156977348755534_6248084132225373644_nAtheist Adam is a world-renowned atheist & blogger based in Melbourne Australia. He uses his scientific background & experience in online marketing to teach & empower atheists & activists. 

The marketing strategies he teaches -- which is free for subscribers to his blog -- combine automation, viral media & social engineering. His subscribers learn how to grow the size & reach of their social networks.

Atheist Adam has a lot of experience with viral marketing & some of his work has been featured on mainstream media channels (including CNN & BBC).

Perhaps most famously, Atheist Adam created a fake tweet from Kensington Palace stating that the Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton) & Duke had given birth to a baby girl and named her 'Charlotte'. This was weeks before the Kate Middleton had gone into labor -- while the global media was eagerly awaiting news of the royal birth. The fake tweet went viral after eager royal fans jumped on the news. The result was a huge increase in last-minute bets being made in the UK on the name 'Charlotte' and on the royal's giving birth to a girl. A week later Kate Middleton went into labor -- and gave birth to a baby girl who they named Charlotte. It was the biggest loss in UK betting history with bookies paying out over 1.5 million pounds -- with the only explanation being that it was the result of the fake tweet that went viral.

Atheist Adam fully supports the mockery of religion & the fight against theocracy & elitism. He passionately discourages the spread of hatred towards people simply because they hold delusional & dangerous beliefs -- preferring to replace hatred with understanding. Atheist Adam believes that 'We rise by lifting others' & that hatred is always stupid when one considers that free will is an illusion -- a 'delusional manifestation of our ego based on the outdated, nonsensical & completely false idea that we are separate from the universe'.

His posts cover a wide range of subject matters including:
World politics, Environmentalism, Science & technology, Marketing, Memetics (the study of memes), Genetics, Life-extension, Cognitive enhancement, Artificial Intelligence (AI), & Futurism. He is most interested in the future of our species & how information spreads through time -- genetics & memetics.

Atheist Adam holds a Bachelor of Science degree (BSc) from one of Australia's most prestigious universities with majors in Genetics, Evolution, Ecology, Conservation Biology and Molecular Biology.

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Some people find some of Atheist Adam's posts offensive

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