Abby Martin’s Personal Tribute to Investigative Journalist Michael C. Ruppert

Abby Martin gives a heartfelt tribute to investigative journalist and former LAPD detective, Michael C. Ruppert, highlighting his career from exposing CIA drug trafficking to his groundbreaking research on ‘Peak Energy’ and remember his sincere devotion to truth and justice.

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  • Daniel Longo

    And the Oscar goes to….

  • 100% Real Man aka Tha LEGEND !

    hes not dead, its all false

  • Garrielee Peck

    did he really kill himself he auted a lot of people what a great brave man but didn't feel he was loved or needed we need more like him in this world who care !!!!

  • Garrielee Peck

    Great . great man !!

  • Ra Eye

    It's impossible to not love her.

  • Debbie Metke

    Gee, I tear up everytime I see this. It just makes me really love Abby Martin. And I truly DID love Michael C. Ruppert. Rest in a well-earned peace, Mike.

  • crackawood

    Beautiful. Mike would'a cried.

  • White H.D.

    from the wilderness website got shutdown =(

  • rfn944

    Not a dry eye in the house. RIP, God's gift to humanity.

  • Mark Ziegler

    He was never the same after they poisoned him.

  • SubArcticWolf Tools & Outdoors

    I first heard of Michael. C . Ruppert with his 9/11 truth and of course in zeitgeist.
    He woke up so many people. thanks for sharing this Abby.

  • PauL SteVeN McLeiSH

    CHiN uP SWeetHeaRt !!! tHe WoRLD iS fuLL of SPiRituaL WaRRioR'S, aND YouR WoRK aND CoMPaSSioN WiLL NeVeR ! NeVeR !! NeVeR !!! Be iN VaiN. RiGHt tiMe ! RiGHt SPaCe ! RiGHt CoNDitioN'S ! aND tHe WHoLe WoRLD WiLL See tHe CHaNGe'S tHat MoSt aLL PeoPLe WaNt !!! We KNoW WHo tHe eNeMY aRe !!! aND SLoWLY But SuReLY tHeY KNoW We KNoW. tHiS SituatioN CaN't LaSt foReVeR. PeoPLe fiND MoRe aND MoRe CReatiVe WaY'S to CHaNGe tHe SYSteM eVeRY DaY, aND oNe DaY SooN juStiCe WiLL PReVaiL !!! juSt KeeP DoiNG WHat YouR DoiNG, aND KNoW tHat it'S iMPoRtaNt, You aRe a GReat iNSPiRatioN !!! LoVe PeaCe HaRMoNY fae PeRtH BoNNie SCotLaND !!! aWe tHe BeSt LaSS !!! PauL a.K.a. " DuHBSoLjaH " x

  • Hawaiian Vaca

    Great people! Stop dying before your time. We need you to see, feel and hope.

  • Cleo Howard

    [shakes head]

  • Peter Meijer


  • El Alechandro

    She's so cute