A New World – (Venus Project)

Jacque Fresco wants to change the world we live in and for the better. Come and see what Jacque envisions as the new world landscape. He proposes this type of city for the entire planet. Of course, he also suggests leveling every current standing city save for a few as museums. New York, L.A. Sydney, Tokyo, Paris? Which do you save? Check out Jacque’s vision for a better life on planet Earth. future cities design. new world cities. people in the future. architects for the future. A real people civilization design.

Used with full permission via posted creative commons license at url youtube.com/watch?v=Uou4DiutW5g

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  • ‫משה הללי‬‎

    i work with VR glasses you can make it VR glasses?

  • magdutza28

    looks nice

  • Moises Lopez

    no way chinas is clean they're leading in pollution

  • ecoutezmusic

    this shit drives me so mad. Diversity is the most important thing we have on earth. This is not going to be the future

  • ecoutezmusic

    level the city?! Bullshit!
    This means even more environmental destruction for an awful looking city like this. No heart, no soul, no past – a prison of perfectionism. Look at nature. We are definitely not meant to live in such an environment. Everyone would go nuts, mental issues will become even more present.
    Everyone will be the same and in reallity no one has any freedom anymore. There is no personal choice anymore if this Idea would become real.
    FFS read A Brave New World. This is excatcly it.

  • PhuketBetta

    Please count me in I will work on the plantation. I have 20 years experience planting and harvesting Marijuana. I'm sure the hippies will like to have a good supply of smoke.

  • joeyjojojunior1794

    I see computer models of a sidewalk trees and some domes. I'd like a lot more details on how this would be realized. he jumps right into the old cities would be kept around as museums but he doesn't talk about how the new cities would work. I don't see how that city is superior. what technologies are incorporated into it that make it Superior to a current city?

  • Sz Bee

    We'll never know unless we build it:)

  • TheClassicalSymphony

    awful, awful, AWFUL…it will never happen….there's no way I'm gonna live in a machine like city. Fresco is a danger to Mankind.

  • RockTheSix 73

    What would be the incentive be for anyone to become a doctor? Why would anybody put the time in to make as much as the person mopping the floors??? This is all about control of the people. Human nature would never let it happen because humans are naturally competitive. One person working their ass off to earn as much as the next person asking "Want fries with that?" will never happen. Ask a Steel worker if they mind earning as much as janitor. Point is..What you put into it is what you get out of it. Earn your life and be happy. Socialist Utopias will never happen. Venezuela should be the latest example.

  • Critical Animation

    Iceland or Norway can do it i am sure.

  • John Woodgate

    You would have to buy land and pay to build this city. Where would you get the billions to do that? Also, large population cities will require high density high rises which are not on this video.

  • jerico hans

    i really wanna work on this heavenly project

  • Andy

    What an exciting project to be able to work on. I hope the governments can stop the madness by giving everyone a Universal Basic Income. It is only not having money that causes all the frustrations and sadness. We must evolve. We cannot make the mistakes of the past.

  • ccvmvd

    If we had cities like that we ourselves would be becoming the advanced alien species we're all envisioning is out there.

  • TsarBomba84

    Climatized, collectivist CONCENTRATION CAMPS!!!

  • Ainos5523

    Unfortunately I dont have details of what your ideal future city could really look on paper. So I will guide myself through what I see on this video. There are a couple of things that I believe are missing. Firstly, I dont see any clean energy source for your buildings, unless they are constructed of a some sort of materials capable of absorbing solar radiation?. Secondly, the roof of your buildings should be able to collect rain water, which at the same time when this water was running on the way to been storage, it should pass (of fall) through water wheel that could use electric turbines that could also produce clean energy. This could not only be efficient but at the same time could produce an illusion of natural cascades to your buildings.

  • Steve Harper

    Sign me up

  • Slav Zlobin

    Spread the word share this video support the Venus Project. Educate people you know about how this world can become a better place. Use logical thinking and not your instincts or emotions. Only together we can achieve this wonderful dream!

  • Slav Zlobin

    Yes but we got to start somewhere at the moment very little is done to move towards this concept. Humanity has to change before we face our extinction.