A Brief History of Money – By Deek Jackson

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  • Gabriel Tarditi

    Money is not a bad idea of itself, but money equals corruption. society is therefore corrupt and cannever succeed faster and pain-free, is rather obstructed by wars, rivalries, competitions and refusal to share innovations, technology, resources freely for it's advancements.

  • Darkpriest667

    Bitcoin is not money – it does not hold the four characteristics of money – a medium of exchange, a storage of value, a standard deferment of payment, or a unit of account. It might APPEAR to have some of these properties, but by the definition we use in economics it does not. I would have loved to use your video in my classroom, but unfortunately because of the bitcoin addition I cannot. Bitcoin is not money, please stop saying it is. It's not accepted as a payment or used as a unit of account in any country in the world.

  • wakeupscreaming

    I heard someone refer to money as "stored labour". but with so much job automation, outsourcing and technological displacement of human workers, I can see the system collapsing eventually. the cracks are already showing.

  • bn lh

    có ai có thể viết bài này lại bằng nguyên văn không ??? thanks anyone could write this article by verbatim, help me

  • NLS GAMES – Nelson Moore

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  • angreeee

    nice clip, but you bypassed a role of a debt in early societies. Before the invention of money with intrinsic value, not only currency, but also debt paid important role in trading in small communities. (small enough to be able to keep track of debts)

  • Ma-Jr.

    i got lost and confused after roman empire…

  • Eric Connor

    This video was refreshingly accurate as far as Youtube videos go, covering the history of money in the East and West. However, I'm going to have to call BS on obsidian used as money in 12,000 BC, which is before even the Neolithic Period, this is the Paleolithic Age, the Old Stone Age, we're talking about. In no way shape or form was there any economy to even speak of, no towns to trade in, let alone the need for money. People were still hunter gatherers at this point.

    I would be shocked and blown away if any credible archaeologist or professor came out and defended this claim. Even then, I'd love to examine the evidence for it, because it is the one and only claim in this entire video that is absurd and unfounded.

  • Raymond Marchant

    Actually while it has long been assumed that "in the beginning, there was barter", there is no evidence that this is true.  It is more likely that in the beginning there was friendship, co-operation and trust (probably quite a lot of theft and exploitaion too).
    But I enjoyed your general message.  I think: the arguments for and against charging interest on loans might be the central issue for finding a sustainable economic system.  I don't believe we have right at the moment.

  • mrs kathleen gust

    Can't wait for the money system to collapse. Totally prepared for it.

  • Robert Chapman

    I 2nd that !!

  • yadeen

    great!!! also see…  ptofspeech.blogspot.com

  • Robert Stuart

    Nothing on tall sticks; This is a cointelpro by omission. See "All Wars are Banker Wars". No big picture here, just tiny snap shots. Not useful for humans.

  • Leath Hedger

    We don't need any form of money, like zietgiest suggests, just unite and withdraw all your money and dump it outside your banks, this inturn will make it just worthless pieces of paper. Common guys let's get our shit together and change the history of the world, it can be done. PEACE LIGHT AND LOVE.

  • 4stv

    you missed the greenback dollars an bradbury pound

  • Allan Hertmanowski

    #bitcoins   ! :-)

  • riffmeister101

    'A small group of wealthy bankers' me thinks you no likey lol