911 IS A LIE (Still) – Deek Jackson From “911 The Musical”

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  • Peter James

    very monty… love it!!!…

  • ObiKanaka

    happy propaganda day.

  • ryan crilly

    The atomic bomb exists because bohemian grove gave the idea a green light , i.e made it happen .

  • ryan crilly

    And as far as events from in the past , our world leaders for decades have attended a ceremony called the cremation of care that in the bible god forbids , where they worship Molech who in the bible is the demon of child sacrifice . And then they stand on their podiums in front of most of the planet , and call themselves Christians??? It could just be rich people getting together for a laugh of course ?

  • ryan crilly

    Yeah I get it . But 9/11 is an event thats happened to try and make the people who arse fuck their government , try to understand everything isn't roses .

  • Glenn Zarmanov

    Thanks again, Deek Jackson, for the FKN Newz!

  • Random Guy

    Will we ever see a video for "small fish"? i love the melody and harmonics in that song =)

  • Mick Tom
  • AutonomousChameleon

    lol 2 tapdancing heisenbergs

  • Damien Percy

    Those are some SPIFFING MOVES what'o

  • Drug and Alcohol

    Lol, what national origin or ethnicity is Deek of? Kind of reminds me of Frank Zappa in a way. I know he lives in the UK, just curious.

  • StePat67


  • JakeBlakeProject

    How the hell did I not see this video before…? I think youtube doesn't like you DJ….
    They ARE owned by corporate fuckheads… I guess I answered my own question….

  • Walter Anonmitty

    Deek Jackson you are fucking brilliant!