911 Idiot Proof – FKN Newz

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  • Hercules Rockefeller

    Deek, Do you think we went to the moon?

  • Henry Homes

    no bodies at the Pentagon, no bodies in Shanksville, no bodies in towers one and two planes!

  • Michael Lynch

    the so called system ( the REAL ONE ) getting a bit sloppy thats what happens when you when you outsource! just cant get the help these days dont you know!

  • Bill Harper

    Why do you only show the second floor? How about letting people see the first floor where the hole is 90 feet wide?

  • Umar Muktar

    if u want real information regarding 911 Search Ryan Dawson

  • elrugged1

    The war on terror created REAL terrorism which we are seeing now, when it's not a psy op event. So they kill a million arab muslims, then they flood europe with muslims and america next along with 20 million(soon to be 20 mil) illegal immigrants. What a fucking great idea if you wanted to cause chaos and then bring in the solution to that chaos, which should be fucking great for us. All made possible by 9-11. I hope you're spiritually prepared

  • mrcain

    Is that picture the outer most ring of the Pentagon?

  • GrmpaJ J

    Criminality in every direction we look, this is not going to last for much longer

  • Monkey Nutz

    how could we ever forget they keep rubbing it in the faces of the world

  • Daniel Whitton

    They crumbled like cookies

  • old bag

    My thoughts exactly deek nice one