9/11 and the Cheney Conspiracy with Michael Ruppert (pt.2/2)

Collapse mastermind Michael Ruppert joins Media Mayhem to continue his conversation about the dirty secrets of the US government. This time he pulls out the big guns when discussing 9/11, the Bush administration, and why Dick Cheney was such an important (and nefarious) figure.
He also gives his thoughts on President Obama, and the overwhelming force that keeps the machine of US government ticking in the direction of criminality.

Michael Ruppert is an investigative journalist and author of two books, Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil andConfronting Collapse: The Crisis of Energy and Money in a Post Peak Oil World.In the 1970s, Ruppert was a narcotics officer for the LAPD. While there, he discovered evidence that the CIA was complicit in the illegal drug trade. He alerted his superiors with this information and soon found himself dismissed even though he had an honorable record. These events spurred Ruppert to begin a new career for himself as an investigative journalist. He was the publisher/editor of the From The Wilderness newsletter which, until its closure in 2006, examined government corruption and complicity in such areas as the CIA’s involvement in the war on drugs, the Pat Tillman scandal, the 2008 economic collapse and issues surrounding Peak Oil. Ruppert has lectured widely on these topics and was the subject of a documentary, Collapse, in 2009 which was based on one of his books. Currently, he hosts the radio show, The Lifeboat, on the Progressive Radio Network.



00:01 Coming Up on Media Mayhem
00:41 The Collapse network of outside media.
03:34 30 years of experience in skepticism.
05:24 Osama Bin Laden and the truth.
09:44 9/11 was orchestrated by Dick Cheney.
11:24 Evidence for his case.
16:33 How Cheney consolidated power so effectively.
20:56 The excuse for the Iraq War, and the connection to Pearl Harbor.
26:12 Halliburton and the C.I.A.
31:44 Working with the LAPD and C.I.A. and coming from a background related to security.
34:34 The C.I.A. drug shipment conspiracy.
36:35 Has the LAPD changed since Rodney King?
40:14 Obama and the machine.
43:52 The balance of power and the executive.
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  • dan caucci

    RIP    M , Ruppert     one of the powerful voices of our time  !

  • Fruitcake Drifter

    "Thanks for sharing….very nice work Allison…."

  • Jink Asaurus

    choosing to make sexist comments does the content of THE CONVERSATION a real disservice which I found excellent from both participants.

  • Jink Asaurus

    Are these comments below about the host being annoying and interrupting the guest real? I am only seeing a real conversation between two people who are interested in the truth of the matter they are discussing.

  • Carmen Pritchard

    Her voice is fucking irritating

  • George powell

    Maxwell Airforce base is in Montgomery Alabama.

  • Lion ofJudea

    There was no conspiracy at WTC. People who insist there was, are simply delusional and ignorant to aspects of science that elude them. That said, I met Mike two times, shared a couple beers and spoke candidly. Mike was a great guy. Ill leave it at that.

  • hanksnow2

    He did not commit suicide, he was murdered, & anyone(capable of thinking), should be able to guess who did it.

  • hanksnow2

    Neither Bush/Cheney wanted a 9/11 investigation. When one was ordered, fought vigorously, hot to testify. After being forced to, they demanded & got Conditions for doing so. 1. NOT under oath, …WoW!, 2. NO transcripts, …3. NOT questioned separately, but,…'Together',….WoW!!!, 4. NEVER to be questioned again on 9/11, WoW! 5. No relatives of the victims could be present. & others.
    I'm not a detective or a Lawyer, but I believe that makes them Guilty as Charged!!!

  • Marcus Janson

    General Clark got a list of 7 countries to "destabilize"! Oil was not the prime goal.

  • Marcus Janson

    Wrong! Cheney wasnt orchestrating 9 11! Rumsfeld was ordered to orchestrate the attack according sources through whistle blowers in the agencies!

  • MultiBrko

    9/11 was inside job idiots wake up its CIA that did it !!

  • Robert Allen

    Interesting how the interviewer shifted the query away from Bush/Cheney so easily. Hard to believe Mike took up drinking and got so fukn depressed he said fuk it shot himself out in the yard in such a crude fukd up manner. When did Mike start drinking again? He had been quite prideful of his sobriety in the past.

  • BackobushKush

    This guy is so obviously a conspiracy nut