#362 Debate – Christopher Hitchens vs Dennis Prager, Dinesh D’Souza – God Or No God – 2008

May 1, 2008 – Unknown
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  • Angelo Stevens

    Who invited the little brown bobble head to come and give awful arguments?

  • Beppe

    Let's take a moment and realize the epic fail of D'Souza's question here hahah. 49:24
    What . an . idiot .

  • Haz Qaz

    Christopher accuses of Dennis of evasion and then literally evades the question of self doubt..then throws a tantrum. It's sad that he'll be remembered as a great thinker considering he did so little of it.

  • Ding Dong

    "Not for the 1st time this evening you've just dug a pit with your own hand"   Classic.

  • jordan w

    Mr pragers arguments are extremely thin and intellectually bankrupt. It is the zenith of failure when you must distort the view of a percentage of non believers to prove that god doesn't exist. If atheists believed that little green men lived inside the human brain, that would have absolutely no affect on the reality or non-reality of god. He forfeits all meaningful discourse when he resorts to that tactic.

    Seriously? This is the logic of Dennis: Secular art is bad. (A purely subjective opinion by the way)

    Therefore god exists.

    This kind of logical thinking would be laughed off the stage by any rational and serious group of thinkers or philosophers, including Christian theologians and apologists. He should just go home.

    It is rare when I find dinesh's arguments better than another persons arguments.

  • Michael Dodd

    I'm not sure if those commenting in the section below even watched the video. Hitchens got his ass beat! He is not nearly in the same category as D'Souza and Prager, but that's not why he lost. He lost because he is wrong. His arguments are weak and scattered and utterly unfathomable to anyone with common sense.

  • Ezio2848

    It took me five seconds to find out that the earliest cave paintings were circa 40,000 years ago not 5000… what is Dinesh talking about?

  • Jay Mazella

    Prager comes off as narrow-minded, simply put.

  • djack41

    Prager argues without faith, one believes anything. What a lame argument. Placing faith in superstitions is belief in anything.

  • David Lenz

    I love Hitchens, but he got cornered a lot here. He kept making inflammatory remarks and kept trying to shift when pressed. It was really hard to watch. I've seen Christopher develope his atheism over these debates, and he was still somewhat of a novice here.

  • David Bennett

    I actually like the pair of Denesh and Dennis. Denesh tries to appeal to intellect while Dennis is strictly making an emotional appeal. Attempting to cover the topic from 2 ends. However, miscontruing the beliefs of atheists is quite a disgusting thing that both are guilty of. Denesh is intent on making Hitler an atheist and majority of his arguments are appeals to authority. For the majority of his debate he has tried to create atheists so he then say these atheists are bad so atheism is bad. The christians will never understand. It doesn't matter if these men were atheists or not, atheism has absolutely nothing to do with someone's resultant action. I find that the Abrahamic faiths all have the same concept that if you don't accept our creed you are evil and no good can come from you. Hindus and Buddhists tend not to demonize those who have a different opinion on the faith issue. In these religions they seem to judge ones character on the actions of the person and not to the school of thought they're from. If someone goes around claiming to be teaching little boys to be good but end up molesting then and abusing them then it doesn't matter what faith they want to cling to, that's the definition on an evil person right there. While if a person cares about his fellow human and live to make life better for all, that's a good person… This demonizing of anyone who dares have a different opinion is what makes christianity, islam and judaism so disgusting.

  • osiris Blanche

    God I miss Hitchens

    (yes there is irony in my comment)