2015 – The Dangers Ahead

2015  - The Dangers Ahead

A quick look at the minefield we are walking into in 2015. Sources & Transcript: stormcloudsgathering.com/2015-the-dangers-ahead
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  • sharpemang

    When are you coming back man! I hope your ok!

  • Priyankar Kandarpa

    +StormCloudsGathering you got most of it right!

  • John Mead

    he was right…

  • Jimmie Rustles

    I love how most of this stuff has happened or is happening.

  • richard w

    I guess the 89% got it wrong, that reflects reality and reality is perception and the media elites have played people for far too long and should be held accountable. Please do not watch the main stream media lies and study reality for yourself. Do it for your family at least

  • Colorado Dave

    I think you are here to analyze and report and are good at it. Your conclusions are well thought out and articulated. Well done.

  • KC Wong

    So after world war 3, if i were to survive, would any of you join my Empire's new world order?

  • Cory Harper

    I had a vision of a nuclear bomb going off,,,,, head to mexico for the middle week of december

  • SS4LiFe1488

    You lay facts out right infront of us. But with all the chemicals we ingest into our bodies like flouride for example, it dumbs us down and makes it hard for us to process information we dont like. Im fully awake. My mind is open and i love what you're doing bro, keep it up! Can you make a video about the "gay agenda" in america? 

  • Rosu-Gutman Daniel

    An update on this topics would be interesting.

  • Lord Event Horizon

    And you were right

  • Mrbooboo1972

    Aaron. Please post more Videos. I know you only have 2 hands and have a life besides this… but Please add some new ones… like to know where you stand on current events and where things are heading. Your an erudite man and look forward to what you have to add. Thank You -Shawn.

  • that random gamer gaiming

    I will say one thing a lot of what you said has certainly happened or at least on the road to happening.

  • MrEunderhill

    "To those of you getting your panties in a wad because you think this video is "pessimistic" or who are demanding that I come up with a solution to the problems that you keep letting your governments create… wake up. Getting mad at the evidence is like  yelling at the guy installing a "beware of dog" sign. Just because the mainstream media stopped talking about Ukraine, Syria, and west Africa doesn't mean we're back to rainbows and puppy dogs. If you want to argue against the facts presented here, do that, but don't waste your time whining in the comments just because you don't like how the facts make you feel."

    Perhaps you should do a video based on this comment, Aaron.