10 Times Sam Harris Blew Our Minds

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Clear and concise words from author, philosopher, neuroscientist and all around renaissance man of reason, Sam Harris. He is also the CEO of Project Reason.

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  • wilson blauheuer

    jew gasbag

  • Abhishek ji

    extreme jain does not cause problem for anyone, but he causes problems for himself

  • WottaOkie


  • Andrew Welsh

    Isaac Newton was a Christian who wrote more on theology than scientific discovery. He knows more about scripture than this man.

  • KBYE!

    I love how someone who is just logical, and reports on the facts, is considered to blow our minds

  • staunch c

    he is accessible to the slight propensity that is associated with his inaction at the source.

  • billyblackburn87

    I think the problem is we are mostly taught what to think and not how to think which is why we are still debating stupid shit in 2016

  • Brian Ring

    I think people confuse ridiculous organized religions with a scientific or mindful discussion on the existance of a first cause. Posiden and Zeus are arch types that convey certain truths and lessons. Only, the profane worship these figures as real entities. Metaphysical forces exsist and science will eventually conclude the validity of some ancient beliefs.

  • Mike Samara

    I really like Sam Harris and what he has to say but I just wanted to mention that the quote from Luke 19:27 may be taken out of context. Jesus is telling a parable about a king who made the statement in verse 27. He is not saying that Himself.

    Nonetheless that doesn't negate his point that that's how people from the inquisition would have used it to justify their violence. I Just wanted to clarify that point.

  • James Greenamyer

    So, philosophically, What do you call;; yourself?

  • cougar02000

    The trouble with theists is that they don't like to hear the truth about the world they like to roll up in their cosy little world believing nonsense, we need more people like Sam Harris to make them wake up then maybe we can finally get rid of the ridiculous claims and rhetoric made by all religions .

  • Derek Biggerstaff

    Blew Our Minds? If Sam is an intellectual heavyweight I've yet to hear it. I'm not disagreeing with what he says, but it's pretty basic stuff. He's done very well to build a career on it.

  • Veredika

    Ha! I had the same thought regarding not being an atheist.

  • MrDrummification

    Bull crap bro sorry still the best argument

  • Jeff Hook

    Typical Semitic grifter. Get a job, you bum.