10 Times Christopher Hitchens Blew Our Minds

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Brutally honest yet articulate – Christopher Hitchens was a one-of-a-kind person, with a one-of-a-kind mind. This video is a tribute to the late author and journalist.

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  • P J McNicholls

    This is not genius, articulate yes and also passionate, which I admire, but not genius. The basic premise for Christopher is attacking the literalisation of metaphors, which is what most religions do. All the dominant religions are based on a literalisation of a myth or metaphor. When the followers then claim this to be truth and even more dangerously the ONLY truth we have trouble. Sadly he, like many believers in mechanistic, Newtonian science miss the mark. Failing to make room for mystery. The mystery that quantum science, art and any good/mature spiritual practice reminds us is at the heart of life.

  • ken02

    hitchen was a retard racist

  • Christopher Hitchens

    Frank Turek explodes in a debate with Christopher Hitchens. If you have not seen it, i advise you do.

  • tiffany atkinson

    our strength as humans is to throw away vanity, no you do not live forever, but you do not in your greed destroy planet for future generations. only a self loving nazi would deny the human spirit. all religion in its mixed up discourse is about this. may as well gve your self name of nazi on line. do not just believe what you hear have a good long hard think. standing up for future of planet. what you doing, wake up, please

  • tiffany atkinson

    fact one betrayed his own country and queen.
    fact two went to america biggest weapon holding war mongering nation
    fact three where did all nazi scientists go after WW2
    fact four he does not except death, death is renewal of planet for future generations
    fact five he is a lip liar
    fact six i bet he pure evil disappeared and living off the stolen organs of humans
    fact seven you is alien
    fact eight you will never meet human gods gate cos you are one clever evil c*nt
    fact nine by the time they finished they will of killed all of us and our planet.

  • Ed Jackson

    I do remember finding moments of joy and inspiration from church as a small child. By 10 I was thinking this stuff is ridiculous, and damaging to happiness, but I couldn't express it to anyone around me. Living in the south, I still find very few individuals that I can discuss it with. People get very angry when they are defending their ridiculous brain wash.

  • Ivan Sosnin

    I'm new to all this
    And just as I'm falling in love with reason and mind of this great man
    I find out he already passed
    How sad

  • Strahinja Lazarevic

    One of the smartest minds that were around, but not all knowing. Personally I think the views he had on geopolitics was a bit archaic to be honest. At 16:37 he claims that Russia has an 'aggressive and expansionist' attitude, but has never made any criticism of the foreign policy of the United States, a country which runs at least 10x the amount of foreign military bases that Russia does. Makes me wonder if he really was truly impartial or not

  • Fentanyl & Ecstasy

    this idiotic mouth blabbering ignorant cunt would now be cursing himself for all the falsehood and bigoted opinions he vomited!

  • ShoeniceDeletedVideosX28

    Why was Christopher so disappointed in the Monkey Twin…???

  • ann hendrickson

    Christopher Hitchens was a valiant truth warrior. these archives are a historical treasure

  • Dorian Staten

    Jeez I miss Hitch.

  • DewDragon

    I'm not sure how his body was dealt with, but I imagine that he was cremated, and that when flames reached his liver, there was a flare up in the cremation chamber that would almost cause it to explode.