10 Times Christopher Hitchens Blew Our Minds Part Two

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Part 2! Brutally honest yet articulate – the saint of secularism, Christopher Hitchens, was a one-of-a-kind person with a one-of-a-kind mind. This video is a tribute to the late author and journalist.

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  • YouTubeExplorer

    Truly one of the greatest mammal primates who ever lived. I love you Hitch.

  • sonpacho

    I think people who suggest that without 'belief' there could be no morality are telling us more about themselves than their views on humanity.

    They're telling us: I have sociopathic thoughts and the only thing keeping me from being a serial killer is my fear of going to hell

  • Alan Vidyush Baptist

    7:42 I can't find the compulsory mutilation of the genital of children are subject for humor in that way.


    I'm just asking.

  • chris chow

    RIP the world has lost a rational and honest man.

  • Real Eyes

    Thankyou for putting these together. What a guy he was!

  • George Kenny

    funny looking @ this now knowing he has been judged.

  • Martial Harpist Matthew

    A brilliant man.

  • RonJohn63

    The problem with #10 is that people always ask, "Who are you to tell me that I can't X?" when you say, "Don't do X."

    The rationalist would say something like, "You must not steal because it's immoral". The reply, of course, is, "*But I want it*, and you have no right to tell me I can't have it!!!"

    Michael Shermer is exactly right in saying that the all-seeing, all-knowing Eye In The Sky backed up by impressive looking authority figures and lots of impressive ceremony are (were, until 50 years ago) very effective at social control.

  • Harry Gearhart

    I hope Hitch had children, and I hope they pick up the torch and keep going in his footsteps.

  • Slam Chancellor

    He and George Carlin are the greatest orators of all time.

  • Turandot29

    I will never tire of hearing this great man's voice, taken too soon from the world.

  • NevPlays

    what is the intro song calld? it's so awesome I'd like to have the full song thanks for the reply :)